Professional decorators need to know that the products they are using will deliver the stand-out finishes their customers are looking for. However, it can be difficult to know whether a new product entering the market will deliver the benefits promised by the manufacturer. In this article, Alexia Léonard, Brand Manager at Dulux Trade explains how product testing can provide the reassurance decorators need to trial new products, without risk to their business. 

As well as customer satisfaction, product quality and achieving great results can also help to maintain a decorator’s good reputation and increase the chances of positive customer feedback – and even endorsement and recommendations. It is therefore essential that decorators use trusted products that they know will deliver top quality results every time.

This is where a decorator seal of approval can become useful. For many, trialling a new product can feel risky and many will look at the approval the paint has achieved to check it can deliver the desired results. 

In addition, decorators often turn to their peers for advice and recommendations – or research reviews online, to gauge other decorators’ opinions.  These processes can really bolster trust, reliability and, ultimately, the quality of the end result.  

For the best of both worlds, decorators should look to manufacturers that test their products in the lab and out in the field. Professional decorators should play a key role in product development, by blind testing and reviewing the paint throughout the process to ensure it lives up to expectation. Their feedback should also be taken on board to ensure products meet the trade’s evolving needs and deliver the quality results required. 

Dulux Trade has taken this sentiment on board with its Tested & Approved seal of approval. During product development – whether it be reformulating an existing product or launching a new one – Dulux Trade subjects its key products to rigorous laboratory testing, before asking professional decorators to trial it in multiple application tests. These are carried out blind and under controlled conditions – as well as out in the field, to really put the paints to the test. After every stage of the process, decorator feedback is taken on board and the formulation adjusted as needed. 

This extensive process ensures that Dulux Trade’s Tested & Approved products meet decorators’ needs and expectations and perform to the highest standards.

The recently reformulated Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is the latest product to undergo the Tested & Approved process. As a result, the trade can trust that Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt will genuinely deliver the durability and sustainability benefits professionals are looking for.

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