WRX Trade water-based Ceiling Paint


WRX Trade released a brand-new range of water-based paints this year following the fantastic response from the introduction of the WRX Trade Spray Range that has become one of the UKs most popular go to “rattle cans”. 

It has been no surprise to us all at WRX Trade to have had such a positive response to the new line of water-based paints, and we are bringing the opportunity for 5 lucky winners to get their hands on a 5L tin of the WRX Trade Ceiling Paint (White). 

With outstanding Opacity, fantastic coverage and the deadest flat white on the market, this is becoming a marketing contender of the go-to ceiling paint. Sprayed, rolled or brushed, this product was made for the trade! 

For your chance to win check out the exclusive competition in the Trade Decorator Forum!

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Trade Decorator has been speaking with a couple of Decorators about the brand new WRX Trade Water- based Ceiling paint. 

Earlier this year, WRX Trade released a brand new range of water-based paints. Paul O’Toole of Paint Projects and Joel Bardall of Bardall Decorating Services give us their opinions after trialling the paint on their latest projects. 

Paul used the paint on a bathroom ceiling, as it is a moisture resistant paint so, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Before sanding

The ceiling itself was in good condition, however, Paul applied filler where the plaster had dropped off from the screwheads, which were initially used to attach the plasterboard. To challenge the paint coverage, Paul over filled the holes and roughly sanded by hand so, any imperfections would stand out. 

The paint was diluted to about 15% and this covered the bathroom ceiling in just one coat really well. After having applied a second coat, the finish was flat and felt smooth to the touch, without any signs of filler having been used. 

Paul’s verdict? 

After 2 coats of paint

“WRX is a delight to use and the result once painted was superb. With its superb opacity, it will definitely be a part of paints that I offer to my clients!”

You may have heard Joel Bardall talking about WRX Trade Ceiling Paint on the Fix Radio, Painting & Decorating Show, but if not, here’s what he had to say, “I can’t remember the last time I applied the first coat of a white emulsion over a somewhat grubby ceiling and it cover so well! The opacity is unbelievable!”

We’ve also had the product on Trial with Nick Sammut of Rushmoor Painting & Decorating for the Trade Decorator Product review team. Click on the link here to hear Nick’s review.

WRX Trade Ceiling Paint is an ultra-flat matt finish. It is moisture resistant, so it’s suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The price is around £22 for 2.5L and £40 for a 5L tin.

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