Discover the ultimate jointing solution with Wondertex at Trade Decorator LIVE

Trade Decorator LIVE


Discover the Ultimate Jointing Solution with Wondertex at Trade Decorator LIVE

Trade Decorator LIVE attendees are in for a treat as Wondertex unveils its latest innovation, Premmix, at stand 34. Designed to revolutionize jointing and surface repair tasks, Premmix is set to become an essential addition to every decorator’s toolkit.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Premmix is a ready-to-use jointing compound that effortlessly repairs and touches up surfaces on various building substrates. Its advanced formula ensures a high-quality finish, leaving surfaces smooth and even for seamless painting.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Premmix to the market,” says a spokesperson for Wondertex. “After years of research and development, we’ve created a product that addresses the pain points professionals face daily. From its smooth texture to its effortless sanding capabilities, Premmix delivers exceptional performance every time.”

One of the standout features of Premmix is its ability to eliminate shrinkage and cracking, saving valuable time and resources by preventing costly repeat visits to repair damaged joints. Furthermore, its superior coverage and paintability ensure a durable finish that won’t flake off.

But the benefits of Premmix don’t end there. With no need for a primer or sealer, low odour for a more pleasant working environment, and the ability to reseal any unused product for future use, Premmix streamlines the decorating process like never before.

“By choosing a ready-to-use product like Premmix, decorators can say goodbye to messy cleanup and lengthy preparation,” adds the spokesperson. “With Premmix, you can get to work straight away, saving both time and money.”

With over 50 years of experience in providing internal finishing solutions, Wondertex continues to lead the industry with innovative products like Premmix. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about Premmix and Wondertex’s comprehensive range of professional drylining and jointing solutions at Trade Decorator LIVE.

For more information, visit Wondertex at stand 34 or visit their website at

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