Why specialising is more profitable for a decorator


Topic – Why specialising is more profitable for a decorator

Many self-employed decorators leave their company to set up on their own. Their old company did a full range of work and employed 30 decorators. You decide that must be the way you do things, and you attempt to do the same when you go self employed.

The only problem is there is only you.

Pete Wilkinson is a decorator and author of a number of books in decorating including “The specialist decorator” he will be discussing what the advantages of specialising are and how to go about choosing a niche for yourself.

Find out how you can win a copy by joining us in this session.

Pete is also the author of three books on decorating, one looking at spraying called “Fast and flawless”, one looking at pricing called “Fast and Flawless Pricing” and finally a book looking at running a decorating business called “Fast and Flawless Systems”.

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