Webinar topic: How to deal with the stresses of running a business and how to avoid the pitfalls that cause stress.

Join us on Thursday 3rd March at 10am on the Trade Decorator Festival

The focus of the event will be awareness of mental health and helping breakdown barriers and remove the stigma attached with mental health and encouraging decorators to speak up be heard. 

The event will be a discussion talking about how to deal with the stresses of running a business and how to avoid the pitfalls that cause stress.

Mind were recently involved in a study of mental health in construction trades with Ironmongery Direct. This report reveals the scale of the problem, the most common cause of the stress, the impact it has on tradespeople’s lives and, crucially, what you can do if this affects you.

One of the most positive ways to begin addressing mental health issues is to open up and talk to someone about what you are going through, no matter how difficult that may be. More than two in five (42%) tradespeople have spoken to friends or family about their problems, which is encouraging to see.

However, overall, more than a quarter (29%) say they don’t feel comfortable talking about their mental health with others. This is more of a problem amongst men, with nearly a third (32%) of those surveyed finding it hard to discuss what they’re feeling, compared to a quarter (25%) of women.

It’s also something that younger tradespeople in particular struggle with. Sadly, over half (52%) of workers aged 18 to 24 say they wouldn’t speak to anyone about their mental health.

To help break this stigma, be sure to check in on your colleagues, employees, friends and family and ask how they are. Do this regularly to show your support and open up the conversation for you to both discuss worries if necessary.


  • Runa Uddin – Training and Consultancy Manager – Mind – Workplace Wellbeing
  • Iain Mackay – Iain Mackay Painting & Decorating

Runa Uddin

Training and Consultancy Manager – Mind

Runa has been delivering within the mental health space in various roles for the last 5 years. She is currently working for Mind managing the Training and Consultancy team, a role that excites her as she is driven by her passion and values around empowering people to take leadership of their varying lived experiences of mental health and wellbeing as compassionately as possible. 

Runa’s vision is to help people individually or as part of an organisation to understand how their mental health is intrinsically linked to their potential to become who they authentically are and contribute to their lives and the world meaningfully.

Iain MacKayIain Mackay Painting & Decorating

Iain is a self-employed painter and decorator, he’s been in the industry for 17 years and self employed for 5 years. We’ll be speaking with Iain about his personal experiences of running a decorating business, how it affects your mental health and challenges in pricing up jobs. Iain is a single dad. He’ll be talking about how he’s learned from his mistakes and how his business has at times took over his life. He also took a suicide awareness course in 2019 after 3 of his friends died by suicide and will talk about the impact that this had on his life.

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