Webinar: Facebook ads for Decorators


All Facebook leads are rubbish, right?


During this webinar Jon will teach you everything you need to know to start using Facebook paid advertising.

From how to set it all up, to the techniques you’ll need to attract quality customers on a consistent basis… WITHOUT spending a fortune!

By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to turn your Facebook account into a lead generating machine!

Prizes: Join us live in the session to find out how you can win 1 of 5 copies of Jon’s book ‘Sales & Marketing for Decorators’ and a 2.5L tin of new Titanium Anti-Microbial paint in Satin. 

Who is Jon Mears?

Jon started in sales in 2006. Since then he’s had a number of sales and marketing roles across several companies. Some of which he was very successful. Some not so much!

HeI began writing books in 2020 primarily to help professional painters & decorators with their sales and marketing. Something that for some reason is not part of the college courses!

His other objective is to help raise the profile of the industry that he loves (Painting & Decorating) and help tradesmen across the world get the recognition they deserve.

So why listen to what he has to say?

Well, since he started in sales, he’s consumed 1,000’s of hours of content on the subject. Read hundreds of books, listened to countless podcasts and been on more boring sales courses than he can remember.

Most importantly, it’s been his full-time job for over 10 years. Which means he’s made a hell of a lot of mistakes. All of which he’s learned from and used to improve.

Even if you are a more successful salesperson than Jon, it doesn’t mean he can’t help you. After all, even Tiger Woods has a coach!

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