Want control? Hamilton’s expression range delivers every time


When painting awkward areas, we know that control is key. For professional painters and decorators looking to achieve their best results, Hamilton’s Expression range delivers just that. Their Angled brushes and unique TriTech™ Precision brushes offer comfort in use, and easy control. 

Control is key

Clean, crisp edges are essential when finishing awkward areas such as window frames, skirtings and architraves.  All brushes from Hamilton’s Expression range have been developed to deliver this control while being comfortable when in the hand all day.  Practical experience and end user knowledge from the Hamilton Decorator’s Panel, combined with independent analysis by Invenntia in Sweden, ensure these brushes deliver every time.

Superior filaments

Hamilton’s MaxStroke™ filaments feature across the entire Expression range – super, fine tips that give a flawless finish.  Superior pick up and a steady release of paint deliver longer paint strokes, meaning less trips to the bucket.  These qualities guarantee exceptional results for professionals with today’s paints.

It’s all in the triangle

The Expression Precision brush combines MaxStroke™ filaments with a unique triangular head.    This new concept uses the TriTech™ head to precisely finish smaller, awkward areas such as slim frames, profiles and corners.  This head shape is perfectly combined with a long handle and a comfortable grip point which means those crisp, clean lines can be achieved with ease – even when a little harder to reach.

A plastic cover is provided to protect the head and allow the brush to be kept moist when stored for up to 72 hours. It is available in 15mm and 20mm sizes.

Cutting-in with ease

The Expression Angled brushes use angle-cut MaxStroke™ filaments for precise and consistent cutting-in.  Clean edges and maximum control, for a defined and flawless finish, made even more favourable with the comfortable, extra-long Beechwood handle. Available in both 35mm and 70mm sizes.

All Hamilton Expression brushes are vapour box compatible.

For more information on Hamilton’s Expression range of brushes, visit www.hamiltonexpression.com or call 01527 575441.

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