TRIMACO: Professional Jobsite Protection Products Demo + Q&A

Join Trimaco at 1pm on Thursday 10th March to learn more about top quality products to help protect your jobsite.

The session will start with video product reviews:

  • X.Board® Paint + Remodel® Surface Protector
  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dust Sheet
  • Easy Mask® Tape & Drape Pre-Taped Masking Film
  • Easy Mask® QM5000 PRO™ Starter Kit
  • Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up® Dust Containment Poles

Paul Mousell, Trimaco’s Sales Manager for UK & Eire, will then talk about some other products that are available from Trimaco, following which he will be available to answer your questions: 

Heavy Duty Floor and Surface Protection

  • X•Paper®

Professional Grade Dust Sheets

  • Eliminator® Dropcloth
  • One Tuff® Dropcloth & Floor Protector
  • Quick Drop

Easy Mask® Masking Tapes & Products

  • KleenEdge® Low Tack™ Painting Tape
  • KleenEdge® Perfect Edge™ Painting Tape
  • Premium Masking Film
  • ClingCover® Plastic Sheeting 
  • Brown Masking Paper

We look forward to seeing you at the Trade Decorator Virtual Event in March 2022.


  • 1 x Easy Mask® QM5000 PRO Starter Kit
  • 1 x One Tuff® Dropcloth – 12’x9’ (3.66m x 2.74m)
  • 1 x Eliminator® Dropcloth – 12’x9’ (3.66m x 2.74m)
  • 1 x Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth – 12’x9’ (3.66m x 2.74m)

The Easy Mask® QM5000 PRO Starter Kit provides everything you need to start masking. The kit contains 1 Easy Mask® QM5000 PRO Masker, 1 roll of 72″ x 90′ (1.83m x 27.43m) Premium Masking Film, a 12″ (30.48cm) film blade, and a roll of 1.5″ x 164′ (36mm x 50mm) KleenEdge® Perfect Edge Painting Tape. With an ergonomic fit, the masker is easy to use, and dramatically cuts prep time. 

These professional grade dust sheets from Trimaco provide slip and leak resistant protection from all kinds of spills and stains:

  • One Tuff® Lightweight but durable, this dust sheet offers leak resistant protection. The blue cloth side absorbs spills while the PE film back provides protection against leakage.
  • Eliminator® 225% more slip resistant than a traditional 10oz heavy duty canvas dust sheet. Made of a durable material on both sides, this heavy duty dust sheet also provides leak resistant protection.
  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus – 300% more slip resistant than traditional 8oz canvas dust sheets, this heavy duty dust sheet gives you slip and leak resistant protection that stays in place. It consists of three layers—absorbent canvas on top to catch spills, a plastic layer in the middle for leak resistance, and a durable non-slip backing. 


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