Transforming Felixstowe Lifeguard Hut

Area Development Manager Robert Smith worked with Brewers Ipswich to ensure the transformation of Felixstowe Lifeguard Hut was the brightest and best it could be. 

10L of Johnstone’s Opaque Woodstain and 2.5L of Albany Aluminium Wood Primer was donated to make sure the hut is well protected against the British seaside weather.

The Felixstowe Lifeguard Hut is a training hub for lifesaving clubs in Suffolk, and occasionally used by clubs from afar, such as Cambs.

It is a completely voluntary organisation; the beach lifeguards and trainers give their time for free. Gaining their beach lifeguard qualification (which has to be renewed every 2 years) is just the start as these people must attend regular training sessions during the summer.

This enables young people as young as 10 to learn about beach safety as they experience waves, tides and temperature, which is so beneficial to learn in a real-world environment. This also gives them the opportunity to achieve various rookie, lifesaving and lifeguard awards/qualifications.

The hut has been at The Dip in Felixstowe for over 20 years and has been exposed to the very worst of the weather. 

We are totally dependent upon donations, to pay insurances, membership, etc., before replacing equipment and general hut repairs. This is why the paint kindly donated by Brewers Ipswich is so important. Even the job of painting the hut was completed by lifeguards, rookies and parents.”

David Ebbs, Felixstowe Lifeguards.

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