Training: Pricing for decorators with Pete Wilkinson


As part of the #TradeDecoratorFestival Pete Wilkinson will be hosting a no cost webinar on Pricing for Decorators.

Thursday 1st October at 1pm

Are you a decorator who struggles with pricing? You may have only just set up in business and you are looking for pointers or you may be thinking about expanding your business and you need to know what the next steps are.

This session is designed to look at pricing strategies that decorators use to price up decorating work. Many decorators leave their company and set up on their own but have no idea how to price the work or manage the business. They rely on conversations with their decorating mates to learn how to price. Many don’t even realise what is involved and just charge day rate to the customer and add the price of materials on top. They will even guess in many cases.

Even established businesses still make rookie errors when running their business without realising that it is damaging their business in the long run. They rationalise their approach to themselves but wonder why they have never really made any money above a wage.

We will look at common mistakes that decorators make and the problems these mistakes can cause and will offer a simple strategy for pricing that can be built upon. 

Pete Wilkinson has been in the decorating industry for nearly 40 years. He served his time at a local decorating firm and worked on all types of decorating work from decorating in people’s homes to commercial work such as schools and hospitals. In his late twenties he was lucky enough to get a job at his local college teaching painting and decorating to apprentices. 

Fast forward 25 years and he has left college and has co-founded a training organisation called PaintTech Training Academy. They have 5 training centres across the UK and Ireland and specialise in training decorators to improve their business by learning new skills. 

Pete is also the author of three books on decorating, one looking at spraying called “Fast and flawless”, one looking at pricing called “Fast and Flawless Pricing” and finally a book looking at running a decorating business called “Fast and Flawless Systems”.

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