Toupret launches its popular Wood Repair Filler and Wood Filler in white and off- white colours, and introduces its all-new Fine Finish Wood Filler

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In a move that will delight tradespeople up and down the country, Toupret launches its popular Wood Repair Filler and Wood Filler in white and off-white colours, complementing the much-loved Natural Wood colour that professionals already use every day.

Alongside this exciting announcement,Toupret is also adding a brand-new product to its wood range. Fine Finish Wood Filler is an extra fine smoothing filler, also available in white, that’s designed to improve the finish of interior and exterior wood surfaces.

The launch of these products responds to the overwhelming demand for Toupret wood filling products to be available in both a wood and white colour, for ease of overcoating on naturally coloured wood as well as on previously painted wood surfaces, including skirting boards, balustrades, window frames and doors.

The new full range also provides trade professionals with a total solution to bringing wood back to life. No matter it state, location or function, Toupret’s wood options allow trade professionals to repair, reshape, fill and fine finish all wooden surfaces, as well as carry out wood hardening and window glazing.

Toupret’s Wood Repair Filler is Toupret’s 21st Century take on a two-part filler. Simply add the powder to water for a durable, versatile product with a high-quality finish.

There are several advantages of using powder Wood Repair Filler over the heritage 2-part system. It has a longer working time of around 30 minutes (great for perfecting tricky fill, repair and shaping jobs without rushing), is quick drying, can be ready to paint in three hours, doesn’t flash, is as durable as a 2-part and can take drilling & screwing, yet it’s very easy to sand. It has almost no odour, so is really convenient for use on jobs indoors as well as outside. It can also be used for repairs without the need for formwork, and you can get your tools clean afterwards with just water, rather than using solvents. Toupret’s Wood Repair Filler is available in 1kg and 2kg boxes and in both Natural Wood and White colours.

Toupret’s Wood Filler is a ready to use product, perfect for small repair jobs that need to be completed quickly, without compromising on the finish. It can be applied manually from the tub or tube, cutting out mixing time completely and is now available in both Natural Wood and Off-White colours. Whether you’re restoring or repairing, this product has an unlimited working time and can be ready to paint in just 12 hours. Available in a 330g tube or 1.25kg tub.

Fine Finish Wood Filler is an extra fine smoothing filler for fine finishing wooden surfaces. Use it to create the ultimate finish to front doors and windows, or any other surfaces that needs to create impact. Ready to use, it’s designed to improve the finish on primed wood surfaces, inside and out, lifting the aspect of final paintwork. The product is also capable of covering small defects, is flexible and also fast drying: ready to paint in 1 hour. It is compatible with all paints and coatings. Available in a 400g tube.

Toupret’s range of products for wooden surfaces is completed with Wood Hardener, a deep penetrating water-based hardener for toughening rotten wood before filling or overcoating, as well as Glazing Putty, a long-lasting product, compatible with all paints and coatings that will not smear glazing and doesn’t stick to your hands.

Stock list:

  • Wood Repair Filler (Natural Wood)
  • Wood Repair Filler (White)
  • Wood Filler (Natural Wood)
  • Wood Filler (Off-White)
  • Fine Finish Wood Filler
  • Wood Hardener
  • Glazing Putty


Toupret’s range of wood products is available to purchase from trade distributors nationwide.

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