Timbabuild Window Repair


Timbabuild Window Repair

When coming across rot on wooden windows the only thing I turn to is EHB60 and ERC10 Timbabuild resin repair. I choose Timbabuild over other resin products due to the quality you get for your money, it is easier to work with, easier to sand down when you need to and the customer service is outstanding! Timbabuild wins for me everytime.

The process I use when doing resin repairs is:

  1. Dig out all the old rot back with a multi tool and die grinder, make sure it is back to a solid edge. Rub back all the paint so there is no paint it around the repair and only bare wood. Router out all joints in the rest of the window so we can make them solid also.
  2. Use a damp meter on wood to make sure if dry enough (usually 18%) to then Apply the EWS 2 Part Epoxy 2:1 primer. Make sure this gets a good soaking into the bare wood.
  3. Leave for 30mins
  4. Mix up the EHB 60 thoroughly for a good few mins on your plastic Timabuild board
  5. After 30 mins apply EHB60 all the way into the rot then build it up and shape it accordingly. (Use bits of hardwood to shape or fill bigger holes) Don’t worry if not 100% perfect as it can be rubbed down slightly once cured.
  6. Once cured use Timbabuild fine fill (FINISH) over the resin to get the perfect finish.
  7. If a new window seal is needed as in the pictures. Use the same method in section 2, apply EHB60 to the window and the new seal then fix the seal to the window. Add screws if needs be and fill the holes with EHB60. Timbabuild Timbaglaze hybrid polymer may also be used as a window putty replacement for finishing, can be painted after 1 hour and works on damp surfaces, with a 10 year guarantee. 
  8. Clean up the work space and apply your paint system to the window. Timbabuild accepts all known paint systems on the market. 

Thanks to Tom Card at TLC Decorating for sharing his experience of the repair process. www.tomtlcdecorating.com






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