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The innovation in Fillers & Smoothers

At Axus Décor, we have made innovation our prime focus. This can be seen in our new range of Fillers & Smoothers, which we unveiled at last year’s National Painting & Decorating Show in Coventry. The versatile line includes 8 products, 3 of which are pre-mixed.

The first product in the line is the Dec-Patch, an everyday filler which can be used for repairing cracks, chases and holes up to 2cm deep. It’s easy to sand, has minimal shrinkage and contains marble dust for a very fine finish.

For jobs that need to be finished swiftly, our Q3 Filler is ready to paint in just 3 hours. It holds extremely well onto most substrates (even glazed tiles & oil-based paint) and can be used for repairs of any size/thickness, eliminating the need for multiple applications.

For all round renovation, we recommend our EP-Fill. It’s perfect for repairs of unlimited size/thickness and also for final levelling and smoothing of walls and ceilings. It’s good for smoothing over textured surfaces including wallpaper and can be used for taping and jointing plasterboard.

For interior and exterior surface repairs (up to a depth of 30mm), use our non-shrinking filler, Marmaron. With its high resin content, it prevents cracks from reappearing and can also be used for final smoothing before painting. It’s easy to mould and holds well – perfect for the repair of shaped stone and corners.

For that flawless finish, use the Finesse MX to smooth over minor imperfections (up to 2mm deep). It has exceptional adherence to all surfaces and improves the coverage of paints that are applied over it. Its formula is 100% solvent free.

Our Flex-E-Fill MX is our lightweight premium pre-mixed filler for one coat repair & smooth. Use it to repair any size hole, crack or dent and also smooth in the same coat. It’s very fast drying so will be ready to paint shortly after. It does not shrink and remains slightly flexible even when dry, preventing the reoccurrence of hairline cracks.

Two other products complete the range, which you can find at good decorating centres over the coming months. For information on your nearest stockist, call 020 8204 1422 or email info@axusdecor.com

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  1. Are these products available in Ireland.