The Gyproc EasiFill family grown…

Here at Gyproc EasiFill HQ we spent time speaking to over 200 trades people to understand what you needed from a range of ready-mixed fillers. 

With your feedback we’ve eliminated those over complicated ranges and unrealistic claims and instead, launched a concise range of 3 ready-mixed fillers that are designed to tackle all of those wall repairs, easi!

 It’s time to introduce the new EasiFiller gang… the GoodFillers

Gyproc EasiFiller: for general repairs

Gyproc EasiFiller is a multi-purpose filler that’s perfect for general repairs to plaster and plasterboard.

Adheres to most internal surfaces

Ultra-smooth fine finish

Easy to sand

Whether you need to fill holes or cover small cracks, this versatile filler is sure to fit the bill.

Gyproc EasiFiller Light: for a deep fill

This ultra-lightweight filler is ideal for deep holes and fine cracks as it won’t slump. It’s also extremely adhesive, meaning it will stay put in those deep holes and chases.

Deep filling capacity

Great adhesion – great for ceilings and chases

Fine finish – No need to sand

Quick to paint over

With Gyproc EasiFiller Light, you’ll sorted in no time. It doesn’t need to be sanded down, and you can paint over it in no time.

H3: Gyproc EasiFiller Finish: for a fine finish

Gyproc EasiFiller Finish is extra fine surface filler that’s designed to cover large areas. Use it to smooth over hairline cracks and surface damage to walls and ceilings.

Smooth consistency for extra-fine finish

Easy to apply

Next to no sanding required

Its smooth consistency makes it super easy to spread, while its fine finish means you hardly have to sand it afterwards.


To celebrate the launch of the Goodfillers we will be giving one lucky winner a year’s subscription to Netflix every week.

Visit your local Johnstone Decorator Centre to grab yours today! 

Visit for more information.

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