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Having used Repair Care for many years, Surrey-based professional painter and decorator Nick Sammut of Rushmoor Painting & Decorating was over the moon when he was informed, he would be one of the first in the UK to use Repair Care’s latest bio-based resin on a recent project. 

The new Bio Flex resin is a huge move forward for Repair Care in the sense that they’re making a concerted effort to produce resins in a more environmentally friendly way, consisting of 40% bio based raw materials. 

The project was a private residence located in Ranmore Common, based within the Surrey hills, an area of outstanding beauty. The property was in a poorly maintained condition, having not been painted for more than 12 years and the windows needed considerable restoration. The work consisted of everything from basic conservation joints, splicing and full sections of windows being replaced with resin.

Nick said, “Using it on a live window restoration project was a little bit daunting at first, not having any references to previous uses of it meant I was putting a lot of faith in the fact it would perform as well as its dry flex counter parts. However, after a first run with the Bio Flex it was clear the quality was equal to the Dry Flex resins. Mixing was easy, application was smooth, shaping was effortless and for a high-quality pure resin, it was relatively easy to sand by machine and hand. It has an estimated curing time of 12 hours but that is indicative of the depths and temperatures”. 

This job presented some of the most challenging rot repairs Nick has tackled to date, really testing not only what he was capable of repairing but also what could be achieved with Bio Flex resin. 

Nick’s opinion is that “the scale of what this resin can do is almost limitless when the correct procedures are followed”.

The biggest repair involved removing nearly 50% of a casement. Rebuilding this was challenging due to the fact it was a moving piece and required a lot of measuring and checking of the levels all round, to ensure the window closed as if it was a new window. On this window a few sections of wood were used to help bulk out some of the repairs but all are completely encapsulated in resin meaning there is no chance of moisture absorption. A wood moisture content of 18% or lower is recommended before applying the new Dry Fix Uni solution and Bio Flex resin. 

In addition to this product being a more environmentally friendly option, it also gives you the opportunity to use it all year round when temperatures get as low as 0ºC, assuming moisture content is below 18%.

Nick said he had, “no issues with the Bio Flex in anyway, the results were outstanding and if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly product to complete rot repairs, then look no further than the Repair Care Bio Flex resin”.

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