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tesa® supports students towards achieving painting and decorating diplomas

A change in the grading of some technical diplomas has left colleges in the UK searching for sector leaders who are willing to share their knowledge with aspiring painters and decorators.

City and Guilds Painting & Decorating qualifications are aimed at those wishing to progress in their chosen trade, work towards an apprenticeship or become a master craftsman. Historically, there has always been two key graded elements across all three levels of City and Guilds P&D diplomas, theory and practical assessments. However, Level 3 awards now require a third function for a pass mark to be achieved, employer involvement. This technical evaluation requires an industry expert, acquired by the educational establishment, to interact with students for credits to be obtained.

In theory, if colleges do not provide a suitable industry expert, all those on a Level 3 course would be unable to pass, regardless of how high they score in different areas. Whilst this scenario is unlikely, it remains imperative that colleges take this seriously and have appropriate willing contacts in place. Responsible establishments are seeking out employers who have the capacity to offer masterclasses and practical workshops, that will consolidate learning and provide the best experience possible.

Recognised throughout the Painting & Decorating sector for the quality of their Precision® range of masking tapes, tesa® has supported UK colleges including those in Leicester, Wolverhampton, Accrington and Leeds for several years. Regarding Leicester College specifically, tesa has donated various products to the institution to aid with learning and in return, the college has tested some emerging tesa technology and, in some cases, provided feedback that has helped products be developed and refined.

Nigel Jarram, tesa Area Sales Representative commented: “We continue to recognise the importance of supporting the Painting & Decorating workforce of the future and believe that sharing our expertise will provide these students with the additional knowledge to contribute to a successful career”.

Kirk Staines, Programme Lead, Painting & Decorating Construction Department at Leicester College said, “When changes to City and Guilds qualifications called for industry experts, I thought of tesa immediately. Incorporating tesa tapes in my work has changed the way I paint and improved overall quality and speed. tesa staff have taken the time to test our learner’s knowledge, which has resulted in a comprehensive understanding that will help them beyond their current studies”.   


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