Product Demo: tesa High-Quality Masking Tapes 

On Tuesday 1st March 2022 tesa will join the #Trade Decorator Festival live to showcase their High Quality Masking tapes. 

Lets take a step back, after the successful launch of our dedicated spray range which included our market leading Precision Mask range which continues to change the decorating landscape, we thought it would be an idea to remind you what else we have to offer the professional painter and decorator.

Join the event to find out how you could win a tesa Systainer packed with tesa products worth £100!

Our 85 year history has enabled us to gain experiences in many industries including Automotive, Electronics, Building Construction and of course where it all started the Stationery business. The technologies and demands in these markets has helped us create a range of masking tapes that has changed painting and decorating over the last 15 years.

From these experiences we were able to launch 12 products into the industry on day one, all of these are still very prominant products in the range and in stores, and through our education programmes with colleges and through in-store trade days and store staff trainings, we have been able to improve the painter and decorating perception of masking tape. Over the last 15 years that we have been involved in the painting and decorating industry, masking tape is now seen as an essential product to have on the van, and through our education decorators now understand that one tape does not fit all jobs.

We are rightly proud of our history and we are equally excited by our future, which will benefit the professional painter and decorator even more.

Following the demonstration we’ll be joined live by Jon Snow from tesa to take your questions in a live Q&A


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