Transforming Spaces with Clever Paint’s Sketchboard Paint


When Trade Decorator approached Sharon Norton-Marshall of Obsessed Decorating, to test Sketchboard Paint by Clever Paint, Sharon saw an opportunity to fulfil a long-standing desire to transform an underutilized space in her home. 

Her kitchen, often a hub of activity, sparked inspiration for a functional whiteboard area where she could jot down notes, reminders, and ideas. Additionally, as a mother living with her son, Sharon envisioned the whiteboard as a fun communication tool between family members.

Sharon shared her enthusiasm for Sketchboard Paint by Clever Paint, stating, “There really is no reason why I can’t give a resounding 10 out of 10 for this product.” She found the application process surprisingly straightforward, noting, “Anyone considering creating a whiteboard space in their home need not be scared as to whether they can do it themselves.” Sharon emphasized the importance of careful planning and preparation, especially when considering multiple whiteboard space areas.

Reflecting on the mixing process, Sharon remarked, “It was easy to mix; placing one part of the product into the other and carefully and thoroughly stirring.” While she found difficulty separating the product’s two parts, she joked, “My son had to help me, so maybe find someone strong to assist with this!”

Opting for the white version of the product, Sharon appreciated its versatility, suggesting, “The clear option would be great if you are going over a pale color and wanted to keep the look of the wall colour.” 

Once mixed, the paint exhibited a smooth consistency, akin to double cream, facilitating seamless application with a roller. This ease of application stands out as one of the defining features of Sketchboard Paint, allowing decorators like Sharon to integrate it into their projects with confidence and ease, even without extensive training or expertise.

Sharon praised the product’s quick drying time, advising, “Remove your tape at a 45-degree angle to avoid peeling of the edges.”

Upon completion, Sharon eagerly awaited the curing period before utilizing the whiteboard surface. She expressed her delight, stating, “Once I had pulled the tape off, it already looked like a finished whitewall, and I was itching to use it!” Investing in the recommended pens and spray cleaner, Sharon found the whiteboard’s functionality exceeded expectations, remarking, “It’s easy to write on and wipes off really easily.”

While she encountered no significant negatives during the process, Sharon cautioned, “We must not replace the lid on any unused product, as it goes hard and rises out of the can, much like bread rising out of a baking tin.”

Through Sharon’s journey, it’s evident that Sketchboard paint by Clever Paint offers a user-friendly solution for individuals seeking to infuse their living spaces with both practicality and creativity.

Its ease of use, coupled with impressive functionality, garnered high praise from Sharon, who enthusiastically recommends it to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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