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Sia Abrasives (GB) Ltd
Ellistones lane, Greetland,
West Yorkshire, HX4 8NH

Tel: +44 (0)1422 313319

sia Abrasives, we are your abrasives specialists.

We are passionate about professional abrasive solutions for industry and trades. 

Our clearly defined abrasive processes for all materials and applications mean that we can always find the right approach to achieving the perfect surface finish.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality abrasive products, we develop and produce abrasives with a wide variety of shapes, dimensions and specifications.

Solutions for Professionals:
Efficient and economical.

Abrasive solutions from sia Abrasives are used across a variety of industries.

Comprehensive sanding process analyses result in fast and cost-saving applications.

The productivity of the work process is the ultimate goal.

Professional Partner:
Technically versed and experienced

From professionals for professionals: Optimum consultation to help you achieve great sanding results.

Our expert advisers have a lot of technical experience and will find the perfect abrasive solution for you.

There for you, wherever you are. Represented globally in over 80 countries. 

Top Quality:
Innovative technology leader.

The latest production methods and technologies guarantee the highest quality.

Processes with ultrasonic monitoring ensure the continually high level of quality.

Standardised testing methods guarantee the utmost product safety.

Perfect Surface Finish:
Finish by sia Abrasives.A perfect surface finish offers protection, enhances design and aesthetic aspects or increases functionality.

We support you in getting the best out of every surface.

Your specifications are our goal.

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