Sia Abrasives at the show

Sia Abrasives at Trade Decorator Live 2023

Trade Decorator LIVE is delighted to announce that SIA Abrasives, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality abrasive products, will be the sponsor of the event’s goodie bags. The first 100 attendees each day, on June 21st and 22nd, will have the opportunity to receive these exclusive bags.

In addition to the sponsorship, SIA Abrasives will feature prominently at the event with its dedicated stand, Stand 12. Visitors are encouraged to explore the stand to discover SIA Abrasives’ latest innovation – a practical colour-coding scheme for its foam abrasives.

SIA Abrasives has addressed a common challenge in surface treatment – identifying the appropriate abrasive grit amidst dust and confusion. To tackle this issue, the company has developed a user-friendly colour-coding scheme for its new siasponge foam abrasives. Each foam colour corresponds to a specific grit range or grade, ensuring accuracy and precision in sanding applications across all materials.

Drawing inspiration from colour theory, SIA Abrasives has subdivided the various grades of foam abrasives based on the colours of the spectrum. Starting with the coarsest grade represented by orange and progressing to the finest grit denoted by violet, this distinct colour-coding scheme significantly enhances process reliability, simplifying and expediting surface treatment.

Siasponge foam abrasives, offered by SIA Abrasives, boast exceptional conformability, making them an ideal choice for challenging areas, rounded or profiled surfaces, and intricate workpieces such as door handle recesses, bumpers, and radiator grilles. The flexible foam allows for easier handling and precise sanding. Notably, siasponge can be folded without creating permanent creases, resulting in a consistent surface finish without swirl marks, unlike traditional sandpaper.

The versatility of siasponge foam abrasives is further demonstrated by their suitability for a wide range of applications, including plastics, composites, paints, varnishes (old and new), primer fillers, and primer coats. SIA Abrasives ensures optimal performance by adapting the type of foam carrier used in siasponge to each specific application, thereby achieving even pressure distribution and preventing excessive cutting into the substrate. Additionally, the combination of foam and flexible grit binding reduces clogging, enabling multiple uses of the abrasive and generating cost savings.

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