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Who are Ciret Ltd?

Ciret Ltd., manufacturers and suppliers of quality painting and decorating tools, providing expert solutions to the trade and retail customer. We are part of the Storch-Ciret Group, Europe’s number one painting and decorating tool manufacturer and from our beginnings in 1896, have been recognised as experts in our field.

Our extensive product range allows both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish their decorating projects.

The Ciret brands have been designed to provide quality solutions for the full lifecycle of a decorating project, starting with the preparation stage right through to the finishing touches.

The brands

Ciret’s own key brands are ROTA! – paint rollers & roller accessories, Kana – paint brushes & accessories, masq – masking solutions, prep – preparation products, and Beeline – wallpaper adhesives and fillers.

In addition, we supply third-party products from Trimaco, who are specialists in surface protection, and Red Devil, the trustable brand for fillers and sealants.

What can you expect from the RKMP brands?

ROTA! is your go to brand for all paint roller requirements, offering a variety of roller sleeve fabrics and pile lengths that cater for any application need. For example, the long lasting and durable Premier Dualon roller sleeve, made of advanced woven polyamide, ensures outstanding results with masonry, emulsion and water-based paint.

Kana covers a wide range of brush applicators and accessories, ranging from synthetic to mixed bristle brushes for interior and exterior projects. The unique Kana Tank Brush, which has a European Patent for its innovative brush technology, has a natural inner bristle tank for loading, surrounded by a synthetic bristle coat for a fine, smooth finish.

At the beginning of the year we launched our innovative ‘stress less just masq’ concept, which was designed to cover all masking needs, offering professional painter’s & masking tapes as well as premium masking films. masq’s Sensitive Painter’s Tape is an innovative, high-quality tape for particularly delicate surfaces, such as freshly painted walls and textured wallpapers.

prep provides the products a decorator needs to prepare and protect a jobsite. The assortment includes protective solutions like dust sheets and films, also high-quality preparation hardware including decorating and stripping knives, as well as wallpaper tools.

Ciret’s ROTA!, Kana, masq and prep products will make your next professional work project or private DIY job a huge success. To find out more about Ciret and the product range, visit our website.

Ciret ’s ROTA!, Kana, masq and prep products will make your next professional work project a huge success.
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