Rollers created by painters, for painters


Once upon a time, as all good stories start, there were a couple of blokes. Frustrated with products that failed to deliver, these two blokes decided the answer to their problem was to simply create the best damn roller in existence. They came up with premium high density microfibre rollers. Rollers created by painters, for painters, which achieve a high quality finish everytime.

These Dulux Academy endorsed rollers mould perfectly into the shape of the surface you’re attacking, absorb the paint well, give fantastic coverage, and deliver a spray like finish. But don’t take our word as gospel, until the end of October you can head to over 200 Dulux Decorator Centres around UK and pick up a 10 pack of the Two Fussy Blokes Smooth or Semi Smooth rollers for the same price as your run of the mill budget sleeves.

They may well be fussy about creating the perfect product, but that’s just how they roll.

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