Revive a composite door with Owatrol


How to revive a faded composite front door with Owatrol

How to revive a faded composite front door

Exposure to the British elements, UV Rays and pollution can all contribute to making your front door look dull and faded. Luckily there is a quick and easy way to restore the colour and appearance of your front door without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Good preparation is key to a good finish. To have an excellent result you must begin with a clean door free to any dirt, grease, grime and mildew. As Polytrol work by saturating deep down into the surface, if you have any wax or polish applied to the door, this will also need to be removed before application of Polytrol can begin.

If the door is only lightly soiled, a simple wash with warm soapy water, a gentle scrub and thorough rinse might be all that is needed.

If the door is particularly dirty you might want to consider using a cleaning product such as Owatrol Net-Trol. Or for the removal of mildew you may want to use something such as a 50:50 bleach and water solution.

 Once you have cleaned the surface you must leave it to fully dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 2: Apply Owatrol Polytrol

Using a brush or lint-free cloth, apply an even, generous coat of Polytrol. Leave it work for 10-20 mins and then wipe off the excess Polytrol with a new, clean lint-free cloth and leave to dry.

Polytrol works by saturating deep into the surface of the door, not by leaving a coating, so removal of the excess Polytrol is important.

If you want a shiner finish, you can then buff the surface with a lint-free polishing cloth.

Step 3: Clean up

Once you have finished using Polytrol, clean any brushes or other tools you may have used with white spirit. Cloths can be left flat to airdry before discarding.

Owatrol Polytrol can also be used to revive the colour and shine to other surfaces such as plastic bumpers and guttering, metal garages, boat gelcoats, floor tiles, stone and more!

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