Training: Join Repair Care at the #Trade Decorator Festival on Monday 28th February at 4pm for a tutorial on Timber repairs and a Q&A session after.

Repair Care stands for total solutions for sustainable timber restoration and maintenance.  We have a wide range of quality products for joinery repair for the professional market, ensuring timber is repaired and restored rather than removed and replaced. 

Our additional services and support include comprehensive project management, specification writing, advice and consultation services and are a trusted partner of many housing associations and local authorities.

This  tutorial will be an in depth demonstration of our Dry Flex resins range in comparison to generic polyester two pack filler products. The demonstration will include a full demo of our Dry Flex 16 resin for larger repairs, as well as an example of our Dry Flex Super Finish for smaller spot repairs.

Our resins are a clean epoxy that do not have fillers added into them.  This ensures that the resins once cured are able to flex with the timber and do not shrink or crack, unlike two pack filler.

In the session we will cover:

• Dosing and mixing of a 2-pack filler and Repair Care Dry Flex SF and Dry Flex 16

• Shaping and finishing of small and bigger repairs with Repair Care Dry Flex and 2 pack filler

• Flexibility and brittleness

• Sanding the products

Take part in this session and you’ll be given the opportunity to enter the Repair Care competition, where there will 2 great prizes up for grabs:

1x Free Training
1x Bundle of Metal Knives Set + Metal Despensing Guns

Don’t miss out – sign up using the button below for your seat today we’ll see you on Monday 28th February at 4pm.

Catch you then!


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