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Prep tools are an important addition to any professional painter and decorator’s toolkit. Here, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy explains what to look for to ensure you are selecting the right tools for the job.  

Purdy 10 in 1 premium decorators multitool

It has been said that professional painters and decorators can spend as much as 70% of a job just on the prep work. As such, it is paramount that they have a selection of high-quality tools to hand to ensure that work can be completed easily, efficiently and to a high standard.

The first consideration should always be the tools’ durability. One of the most common issues professionals find with sub-standard prep tools is their susceptibility to rust over time, which can reduce their effectiveness and compromise the overall finish. To avoid this, Purdy has constructed its prep tools using stainless steel which is less likely to rust. This is because it contains a high level of chromium and when chromium reacts with oxygen it forms protective layer that prevents corrosion and rust from occurring. However, it is still recommended to dry stainless steel prep tools after use to ensure their longevity. 

Purdy Contractor Brush & Roller Cleaner

Next, look at how the prep tools have been constructed. Products with a long tang (the part of the blade that connects to the handle) will improve strength and stability and prevent issues such as the blade coming loose, bending or the tool breaking apart completely. 

For high-demand applications such as scouring stone, brick or plaster, choosing the correct tool is particularly important to ensure user productivity and safety. For example, Purdy manufactures its Four Edge Carbide Scraper with a strong bolt that attaches the blade to the handle for added stability. It can also be used with a choice of four blades to suit both aggressive scraping and finishing work. 

Purdy Folding Multi-Tool

Finally, usability is the key to efficiency. Opting for prep tools with a rubberised grip or tapered handles are much easier to hold and provide the user with maximum control, improving on-site safety and reducing user fatigue over time. What’s more, choosing products that can be used across numerous tasks will increase productivity. For example, the Purdy 10-in-1 Multi-Tool can be used as a flat or Philips-head screwdriver, to set and pull nails, open cans and packages, and spread compound.

Choosing the right, quality prep tools for the job will improve your on-site efficiency and productivity.

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