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Purdy brushes are made by pros for pros and offer the durability and usability needed to achieve a professional finish every time. Here, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy explains what puts Purdy products above the rest. 

Purdy is dedicated to offering painters and decorators a range of brushes that they can rely on for every day, professional use. We take pride in every product we make which is why each brush is signed by the people that hand make our brushes. The high quality of our products ensures that users can rely on Purdy to deliver the perfect finish every time. 

For example, the bristles in Purdy brushes are chosen to suit specific tasks. We have brushes that are designed for finishes on wood, applying oil-based paint, cutting in and much more. For instance, Purdy’s Monarch Elite is best suited for emulsion (but works well with any oil or water-based paint) and Purdy’s Cub brush is ideal for cutting in and painting in tight corners thanks to its lightweight handle that gives the user maximum control and allows for a closer paint for intricate jobs. 

What’s more, our brushes are crafted with proprietary tipping and flagging to ensure a smoother, drag free brush stroke for a professional. We also use bolstered epoxy to bond the filaments in together and eliminate any filament loss.

We also construct each of our brushes with a stainless-steel or copper plated ferrule (the section that holds the brush filaments). As these metals are rust resistant, the ferrule lasts for a long time, offering a durable and strong brush head. We also keep the bristles and handle secure by connecting the handle and the ferrule with either a double or triple crimp and nickel-plated threaded nails for long-term durability. 

Finally, every Purdy brush benefits from a wooden handle for maximum comfort, especially when using our products over extended periods of time. We use Alderwood as it makes for a lightweight, durable and manoeuvrable brush – and it is moisture wicking so it can absorb sweat for a more comfortable, sturdy grip. 

Purdy brushes also have different shaped handles depending on their end use. For example, a long and thin handle like that of the Purdy Syntox and Purdy Dale offer precise control, whereas the thicker and more rounded ‘beavertail’ handle of the Purdy Sprig makes the brush more comfortable to hold in the palm of the hand when making wide strokes. 

Choosing the right, quality brush for the job will improve your on-site efficiency and make work quicker, easier and more comfortable, especially when using brushes for extended periods of time. For more information about Purdy brushes, please visit www.purdy.co.uk.





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