Purdy: A Great Roller Makes a Difference

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Purdy: A Great Roller Makes a Difference

At Purdy, we know that when you choose a roller for a job you need to ensure a balance between efficiency and quality of finish. Here, Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy, looks at the different elements that make up a roller and how Purdy combines them to make the ideal roller for any job.  

Sleeve fabric

Choosing the right roller sleeve material is crucial for achieving a high-quality finish. Purdy uses only high-quality synthetic fibre fabrics on all its sleeves; but each fabric has its own characteristics and benefits.

A knitted sleeve, for example – as found on the Purdy Colossus or Marathon – will provide maximum paint pick up and release, reducing the number of times you need to reload the roller and aiding efficiency. 

A woven sleeve will pick up less paint but also produce less stipple, resulting in a smoother finish. As a result, sleeves such as the Purdy White Dove are ideal for projects where a client demands the very highest quality finish.

Sleeve shape and quality

Regardless of the material, all Purdy’s quality sleeves come with tapered ends. This reduces the likelihood of tramlines ruining the finish of your work – saving you the hassle of having to repaint. 

Another potential hassle caused by a lower quality rollers is lint shedding, which can easily ruin in a fresh coat of paint. To avoid this, Purdy uses a strong epoxy to bind its sleeve fabric to a tough polypropylene core; this won’t react with the paint and results in greater longevity. The Purdy Marathon sleeve, for example, has been designed and tested to produce the same flawless finish even after 40 hours of use. 

Frame design 

The design of a roller frame should be optimised to reduce weight and maximise comfort. The lightweight design of Purdy’s roller frames helps to reduce fatigue and minimise the impact to your joints. In addition to keeping the weight down, the hollow design of Purdy’s roller frames also aids cleaning, ensuring you can easily get into all those hard-to-reach areas. 

An ergonomic grip also aids in reducing the likelihood of tired hands; this combined with a rubberised handle will prevent your hand from slipping, allowing for better control. 

The design of Purdy’s roller frames is further optimised for greater control by the addition of ribbed ends on the Purdy Revolution frames. These prevent sleeve ‘walk-off’ – holding the roller securely in place all day. 

Working flexibly

No single roller is suited to every job, meaning you will inevitably have to switch throughout the day. That’s why a Purdy adjustable roller frame is a great tool for making that switch as easy as possible. Thanks to its cam latch system, you can switch between rollers from 12 to 18 inch without any hassle. 

All Purdy roller frames also come with a quick connect attachment system: this easily allows you to attach a pole to extend your reach. The poles can be clicked into the handle of the frame and then removed with the press of a button, ensuring you don’t waste time swapping rollers from frame to frame. 

For more information about the difference that Purdy roller sleeves and frames could make to your work, please visit www.purdy.co.uk.





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