For professional painters and decorators, providing customers with a long-lasting, premium finish is a crucial part of the job. However, when it comes to interior trim surfaces, paintwork is at risk of wear and tear from stains, scratches and hand contact, which can leave behind marks and blemishes. This is a common issue; however, it means that redecoration often needs to be carried out sooner than customers would like. 

To tackle this issue, Johnstone’s Trade has carried out extensive research, development and testing to formulate a paint that can help professional painters and decorators provide a quality finish that will stand the test of time. Placing the needs and reputations of professionals at the forefront of innovations, we launched Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard – a new water based satin paint with enhanced durability, suitable for interior wood and metal.

The Ultimate Defence 

Aqua Guard is a durable paint that has been specifically designed to defend interior wood and metal surfaces against scratches, wear and tear and greasy finger marks. 

Trim surfaces aren’t just at risk of bumps and scratches, but also natural oils from contact with hands. Our hands naturally contain and release enzymes, often known as hand fats, which, when left on the surface, can cause paint to soften and leave unsightly marks. No matter how many times we wash our hands, the residue is produced and can impact the paint, so we’ve developed Aqua Guard with Surface Protection technology, which creates a defensive barrier. 

Previously, professional painters and decorators have had to rely on solvent-based products due to the perception that they can offer the required levels of durability, especially compared to water based paints. Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard is water based, so it offers benefits such as quick drying time, low odour and long-lasting whiteness, as well as the ultimate defence against wear and tear. 

Insight and Testing 

Before officially launching Aqua Guard to the market, we worked with professional painters and decorators to put the paint through its paces and to gain a further understanding of the issues they face when it comes to water based versus solvent based paints.

We invited professional painters and decorators to the PPG head offices in Birstall to test the application of the paint and share their feedback with the PPG Technical Team. The decorators, Nick Torrano Harling, Chris Green and Matthew Green, were also invited to take part in a discussion around the importance of durability and the types of wear and tear that can be found most commonly on jobs. Both Chris and Nick highlighted that skirting boards, doors and bannisters can be some of the most susceptible areas when it comes to accumulations of surface grease. 

The conversations on the day also explored the move from solvent based to water based paints, and what qualities a water based paint needs. Low odour and quick drying times were both highlighted as key qualities, with Nick explaining: 

“I did a job recently and was asked to use oil on the frames but leave the doors, as they don’t like the smell. I recommended water based paint and the customer wasn’t sure, but we decided to use Aqua Guard. I completed the frames and the customer asked me to come back to do the doors in Aqua Guard as well, because it was fast drying and there was no smell. They were over the moon.” 

Commenting on the application of the paint, Chris said: “The application and finish you get from using Aqua Guard is everything we, as decorators, are looking for. That’s why I’ve been using Johnstone’s Trade Water Based Satin for all these years – because we got high quality results with it. Even just from the feel of Aqua Guard, you can tell it’s another step up. My business is based on providing a quality, long-lasting finish, and Aqua Guard Durable Water Based Satin enables me to do just that. It’s the best trim paint I’ve ever used.”

For more information about Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard, head to your local Johnstone’s Decorating Centre or stockist, or visit: www.johnstonestrade.com/aqua-guard. 

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