Protect outdoor surfaces with Woodex Aqua Classic


Outdoor timber faces a lot of extreme weather, from UV rays to the harsh cold. TeknosPro provides an ideal solution with its Woodex Aqua Classic non film forming wood stain. The waterborne paint protects wooden surfaces from moisture and consequently, deterioration and is fully dry in up to 16 hours; significantly less than that in the right drying conditions.

The translucent stain can be tinted to give a colourful protection against UV rays. It is suitable for walls, doors, window casements, fences, poles and log surfaces in particular.

The stain should be used undiluted to achieve the full effect; it penetrates into the timber to protect the wood against extreme elements.

The waterborne acrylate/alkyd based coating offers a durable finish.  The sustainable stain has low VOC levels, can be applied by brush, roller or spray and has a spreading rate of 5-8m²/l for sawn timber and 8-12m²/l for planed timber and beams. Package sizes are 0.9, 2.7, and 9 litres.

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