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TeknosPro‘sFutura Aqua 20 was used by Jan Jankowski from JJ Painting Services, a professional painter and decorator with a focus on kitchens and indoor furniture, to protect his customers’ furniture. The homeowners requested a coating for their furniture that was not only visually appealing; they also wanted protection from wear and tear. Futura Aqua 20 was the perfect choice.

The bare wood furniture was initially coated with a primer and then followed by two coats of Futura Aqua 20, a semi-matt paint specially designed for use on furniture. The waterborne paint is wear-resistant making it perfect for long term protection on detached and fixed indoor furniture, although it is also suitable for outdoor use.

TeknosPro paints are tinted to order and can be colour matched to any British standard colour or you can choose from Teknos’ own opaque colour range, Colour Mode. Use it on metal and wood building board surfaces, doors, window casements, cabinets, mouldings, panels, air ducts, staircase railings, radiators and piping systems. The paint works brilliantly on top of Futura Aqua 3 primer. The special adhesion waterborne primer is specifically designed for use on wooden and galvanized surfaces indoors yet can also be used on for wooden surfaces outdoors.

Jan Jankowski prefers to use TeknosPro products instead of others across the coatings market because they are more durable than other water-based paints in the industry and, as a result, are able to give an excellent finish.

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