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The Trade Decorator’s April Project of the Month, sponsored by Brewers, presented a formidable challenge for seasoned professional decorator; Ian Crampsie of ATD Painting & Decorating. Assigned with the task of rejuvenating a hall, stairs, and landing, Crampsie encountered a series of challenges that pushed his skills and determination to the limit.

The project commenced with what seemed like a straightforward task: stripping all walls and ceilings. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the previous decorator had neglected proper woodwork preparation, necessitating extensive stripping and sanding. The scope expanded further when the decision was made to panel the walls, adding complexity to an already demanding project.

The scope of works for this project, encompassing a full redecoration of the hall, stairs, and landing, was both comprehensive and intricate. To ensure durability and a flawless finish, the walls were lined with Wallrock Fibreline lining paper and Albany Super Smooth wallcovering advesive, which was also use in a 50/50 mix ratio to size the walls for optimal adhesion. The doors and panelling received special attention, with Smith and Rodgers Shellac Primer applied to enhance longevity and provide a smooth base for subsequent coats. The staircase’s handrail underwent meticulous sanding before being treated with Liberon Superior Danish Oil, accentuating the natural grain of the timber while imparting a satin to gloss sheen.

Zinsser Cover Stain mixed in Farrow and Ball Hardwick White, was used to prime the panels. Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Durable Matt, perfectly matched in colour, adorned the panels with a flawless finish, complemented by Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Durable Matt in Brilliant White for the doors and frames.

Noteworthy products like HB42 Supergrip facilitated secure panel installation, while Toupret TX110 Rapid Drying Filler ensured a smooth substrate on the walls prior to lining. Finally, Johnstone’s Acrylic Durable Matt, in Brilliant White, graced the ceilings and walls, completing the transformation with a pristine, enduring finish.

Reflecting on the project, Crampsie shared, “It was one of the most demanding jobs I’ve ever undertaken. The unforeseen issues with the woodwork and the decision to panel the walls added a whole new dimension to the project.”

There were several further challenges that could not have been envisioned at the start of the project. Dependence on external assistance proved unreliable, leaving Ian to navigate the project solo. This increased workload and pressure, exacerbating the already demanding nature of the job.

To compound matters, inclement weather conditions further complicated proceedings, requiring makeshift arrangements to maintain productivity in getting the mdf sheets cut to size. Resourcefulness became paramount in overcoming these obstacles and keeping the project on track.

Effective communication with clients is essential in circumstances like these open dialogue with clients proved instrumental in managing expectations and securing additional time to complete the project satisfactorily. Flexibility and transparency fostered trust and understanding, mitigating potential conflicts.

Despite the challenges, Ian demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness in overcoming obstacles. Four weeks of relentless effort culminated in transformative results, exceeding client expectations and showcasing his commitment to excellence.

The hall, stairs, and landing were rejuvenated with precision and attention to detail, showcasing ATD Painting & Decorating’s commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, the Trade Decorator’s April Project of the Month exemplifies the challenges inherent in professional decorating, delivering exceptional results that underscore his commitment to quality and professionalism. This case study serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication of professional decorators in the face of adversity.

Ian Crampsie of ATD Painting and Decorating embodies the essence of a second-generation craftsman, having inherited his passion and expertise from his father. Growing up in the world of paint and brushes, Ian absorbed the intricacies of the trade from a tender age, mesmerised by his father’s ability to transform mundane spaces into breathtaking ones. It was this familial inspiration that propelled Ian to tread the same path, with aspirations for his son, Arthur, to carry on the esteemed Crampsie legacy in the decorating realm. Pride radiates from Ian as he reflects on his craft, cherishing every stroke of the brush as an art form. Operating under the aptly named business “Attention to Detail,” Ian sets a high standard for himself, constantly striving for perfection in every project.

Attention To Detail (ATD) is a specialist in painting and decorating exterior work and interior work. Ian Crampsie, Owner of ATD, provides bespoke painting and decorating. Specialists in paper hanging and both domestic and commercial work is undertaken.



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