Project of the Month September 2023

The Ivy Tree Pub & Kitchen's Remarkable Transformation

The Ivy Tree Pub & Kitchen, formerly known as the Eaglescliffe Hotel, has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. This metamorphosis breathed new life into an establishment with a rich history, nestled in the heart of Stockton-on-Tees. Over time, the beloved pub had accumulated countless memories, but its age had begun to show. In a determined effort to revive this iconic venue, the owner embarked on an extensive refurbishment and decoration project. Here we delve into the journey of rejuvenating the Ivy Tree Pub & Kitchen, examining the companies involved, the products utilized, and the hurdles overcome.

The Ivy Tree Pub & Kitchen’s transformation was a showcase of precision and quality in product selection, making it a painter and decorator’s dream project.

Benjamin Moore Advance Satinwood was chosen for woodwork, combining aesthetic appeal with exceptional durability.

The walls received a resilient makeover with Benjamin Moore Scuffx matt paint, ensuring not only durability to withstand frequent scrubbing but also an inviting, rich colour finish.

The bar top restoration began with thorough sanding using Festool sanders, followed by the selection of the perfect wood dye colour from Smith and Roger’s samples. Three coats of wood dye and three coats of Sadolin PV67 heavy-duty varnish were applied. Smith and Roger’s guidance ensured precise sanding, resulting in a stunning transformation of the 20-year-old bar top into a like-new condition.

Tikkurila Nova 2, the ceiling choice, delivered a flawlessly flat finish, setting the stage for an atmosphere of sheer sophistication.

For exterior protection, Tikkurila Finngard Silicone Protect and Leyland True Guard proved an unbeatable team, ensuring robust masonry preservation.

Windows and door frames were graced with Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior’s allure, while Tikkurila Miranol Gloss provided an opulent ultra-high-gloss finish to the doors, exuding luxury and refinement.

The Ivy Tree Pub & Kitchen project presented a series of formidable challenges due to taking a very tired building and bringing it to the high class finish it has now. including persistent water leaks, damp issues, and the daunting task of stripping away ten layers of stubborn wallpaper. Fortunately, Adam’s long-standing working relationship with the owner, spanning nearly two decades, proved to be a valuable asset. It meant that whenever difficulties arose, solutions could be swiftly presented, receiving immediate feedback on the preferred course of action.

A fascinating element of the project involving the revival of dividers salvaged from a local pub. These dividers had been stored away for a decade, patiently awaiting their transformation. The process was a true labour of love for the team. First, they carefully removed and restored the stained glass panels, breathing new life into these intricate pieces. Then came the masterful touch of Peter Featherstone, the seasoned craftsman, who expertly repaired, customized, and enhanced the dividers to fit perfectly in their new home. To ensure a flawless finish, they were sprayed with Zinsser BIN primer, followed by the Benjamin Moore paint. 

The team’s collective efforts were pivotal in delivering the project. John Kerry and his son Kyran, skilled painters and decorators from John Kerry Painter and Decorator, provided invaluable support with their expertise. Sharlene Foster, a crucial member of the team from Repair, Prepare & Decor, played a key role in completing the job, ensuring that the decorating process proceeded seamlessly, especially when John Kerry had to attend to another job. 

Adam Featherstone, who skilfuly balanced hands-on work with his role as project manager, providing crucial coordination and supervision. His responsibilities included overseeing deliveries, maintaining a well-stocked inventory of paints and materials, and ensuring seamless progress alongside other trades, even in challenging weather conditions and preparing areas for John and Sharlene’s continued work, all of which were vital for maintaining project momentum.

In addition, all the joinery work was masterfully executed by Adam’s father, Peter Featherstone, an impressive 76-year-old craftsman. Peter’s ability to comprehend the client’s vision and translate it into reality was remarkable, and his consistent problem-solving advice proved invaluable to the entire team. 

The project not only rejuvenated the pub but also fostered lasting impact on Adam, inspiring him to pursue further education in joinery. The transformation of this classic pub into a high-class establishment stands as a testament to the dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit of the team involved.


The Ivy Tree

Adam Featherstone Decorating Services

John Kerry Painter & Decorator

Repair, Prepare & Decor


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