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Project of the Month – September 2019

130 years old and as good as new again.

Having completed work for several houses on this road Woodside Decorating were recommended by neighbours to restore number 26. The exterior of the property had not been decorated for more than ten years which, as would be expected, had resulted in bad weathering and fatigue on virtually all the previously painted surfaces. The windows on the top floor of the house however, had recently been replaced.

A systematic process of preparation was employed to restore the woodwork on this exterior project. All the faulty putty was pulled out and paint on the glass from previous paint jobs was carefully removed. All the wood was stripped bare using the Festool RO90 sander and dust extractor. Tesa tape was applied to each window, the wood was then given an initial undercoat of Johnstone’s Stormshield undercoat to highlight imperfections, which were subsequently filled and sanded to 180 grit. Next Tetrion Powerfill two part wood filler was applied on all the dents and cracks and Fat Hog premium caulk was then used to seal any gaps. The wood filler and initial undercoat was then sanded to a 180 grit smoothness, tac clothed and given a second undercoat. Once the second undercoat had cured, it was sanded to 320 grit smoothness and tac clothed again to remove any debris before applying a top coat of Johnstone’s Stormshield, using Wooster brushes. Following painting, the Tesa tape was immediately removed.

These particular windows are original, Victorian windows from 1889.

Jack Malvisi, director of Woodside Decorating was excited to show his customer and see his reaction the following day, as after a good clean the windows looked brand new. Jack asked him, “Are you happy with the work so far?’ His response was “Well actually Jack, Really, I’m just blown away.” 

This is exactly the kind of response Jack was hoping for and demonstrates the pride he takes in his work.  A few weeks later when Jack revealed the new front door his client’s reaction was totally priceless.

 Jack said, “Imagine holding your breath for 6 weeks, then finally gasping for air”. 

Jack is confident that Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield paints were an excellent choice of paint to protect the property for their exceptional quality; highly durable and a fantastic finish, thus making them a relatively cost-effective product.

The door alone was a true labour of love, as it had layers and layers of old varnishes and wood stains and years of mileage. The Festool sanders proved invaluable in stripping the wood to a clean, fresh condition. Firstly, by removing the old finish and next producing a smooth surface using 180 grit pads. Jack used a Purdy monarch elite brush to apply Osmo clear UV-protection oil on the door because the oil is known to give the wood a beautiful permanently wet look.

Jack said, “The weather worked against us at times, making it difficult to progress as fast as we wanted. But I always say that pressure makes diamonds. By working under the porch on rainy days and by maximising the good weather, we were able to make this old Victorian home look new again!”  

Jack Malvisi




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