Project of the Month – October 2018

AR Decorating Services undertake the restoration and repainting of a stunning Georgian exterior

Built in or around 1826, this 200-year-old beautiful Georgian detached residence has been undergoing gradual restoration since 2007, when Colin and Chloe Phillips moved into the house.

The Philips chose AR Decorating to undertake to work on the exterior of the house as Al had worked on several projects inside the house and they were instantly impressed with his attention to detail in his work and his ability to restore and repair even the most demanding projects.

Chloe Philips said “When it came to the restoration and repainting of the outside of the house, it was all about our trust in Al and his work. We knew roughly how much it would cost and when Al’s quote fell well within that, there was no reason for us to consider any one else as we knew he would project manage the scaffolders and any external plastering and carpentry that needed to be attended to. It was all about trust and the relationship we had built up with Al as a professional”

As Al had undertaken work on much of the interior of the property, prior to being asked to do the exterior, he was under no illusion as to the amount of work that would be required to lovingly repair and restore the exterior to its original glory.

Al said “I realised it needed at lot of TLC on all timber windows, fascia boards, soffits and gutting and the masonry itself”

The first issue on a project of this scale was access, it was obvious that the best option would be scaffolding. Al brought in Alan Wilkes scaffolding, based in Evesham, to create safe access around the whole of the building. 

There were also several rotten windows which had to be removed and new ones were installed in their place. In addition to this around the back of the building, large patches of render had blown so this had to be rendered.

The house had many windows. All the windows had to be re-beaded. The putty was stripped out and replaced with Toupret putty and a very good prep with 60g- 100g 2pac, Tetrion 2K Filler was used for all holes in the timber frames which were also treated with Toupret wood hardener. The Johnstone’s water-based system was used on all timber. A coat of Johnstone’s primer was used before Johnstone’s exterior undercoat and two coats of Johnstone’s gloss on all timber. The doors and shutters were painted grey in Johnstone’s water-based undercoat and gloss.

Preparation to the render was required to fill cracks which was done using Tetrion. The masonry was finished by applying three coats of Johnstone’s textured masonry paint to all exterior walls and Johnstone’s smooth black metal paint was used on the black railings, resulting in a striking contrast between the black and the white.

This project was a massive undertaking for Allen and he thoroughly enjoyed working on this house for Mr & Mrs Phillips. However, Al said “There were a few moments I couldn’t see the end, blood sweat, and tears went into this big project and I am so pleased with the end result”.

Al’s not the only one! Mr & Mrs Philips share his enthusiasm for the finished job and on completion of the project, said to Al “We couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome”.

AR Decorating

Allen Rollinson has 15 years of experience working for companies as and professional decorator. In 2014 he decided the logical step was to start his own business and he set up AR Decorating. As a testament to his love for the job and attention to detail, his client based is growing from strength to strength.

*  All images supplied by Allen Rollinson of AR Decorating





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