Project of the Month – May 2023

Bespoke Feature Walls and Exquisite Finishes: Heritage Decorators Takes Center Stage

In 2014, Oliver Brigham-Bowes founded Heritage Decorators in South Manchester, specializing in spraying, new build developments, and redecoration. However, after attending the Trade Decorator Live show in 2022, Oliver was fortunate enough to win a free introductory course in Venetian plastering with Italiano Stucco, located in Southport. 

A passion for exquisite finishes led him to delve into the world of Venetian and polished plastering and the course provided the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to embark on this journey. Guided by Paul’s Thistleton’s expertise, Oliver absorbed the fundamentals and discovered the boundless creative possibilities that Venetian plastering offered. 

This Project highlights their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic prowess, with a particular focus on their triumph in Venetian plastering. After attending the Trade Decorator Live show, Oliver seized the opportunity to explore this new venture, resulting in a remarkable project that secured Heritage Decorators the prestigious title of Trade Decorator’s Project of the Month for May.

Heritage Decorators undertook the redecoration of a stunning 3-bedroom semi-detached property in South Manchester. The project encompassed three rooms, each with its own distinctive and bespoke feature wall, as well as the revitalization of the hall, stairs, and landing. With the property having recently undergone a comprehensive rewire and smart wiring installation, Oliver’s first task was to expertly patch plaster the walls, ensuring a flawless canvas for the transformative work ahead.

To ensure the clients’ vision aligned with the final outcome, Oliver utilized his digital expertise and created a representation of the project using Photoshop. This allowed the clients to visualize and provide feedback on the proposed designs. The collaborative approach ensured that all parties were on the same page and fostered a sense of trust and satisfaction throughout the project.

To achieve the desired finishes, Oliver opted for Loggia products from Italiano Stucco, leveraging his prior experience and trust in their quality. Loggia’s range of textures and finishes served as the perfect foundation to bring the feature walls to life, showcasing the artistry of Venetian plaster.

Each feature wall was a testament to Oliver’s creativity and expertise. The first feature wall employed a two-coat system divided by timber slats, offering an organic and sophisticated aesthetic. The second feature wall showcased a multi-textured finish with four unique styles of application, culminating in copper leaf details that added a touch of opulence. The third feature wall aimed to create a distressed yet modern ambiance, featuring Loggia Kymera rust in turquoise and red. Stencils were used to add brass gold liquid metal details and larger Mandala stencils with a combination of Infinito colors, finished with delicate gold leaf embellishments. The third wall is still awaiting completion, as it is dependent on the progress of other trades involved. Throughout the house, Dulux Roman white was chosen to provide a soft backdrop that accentuated the captivating feature walls.

One of the primary challenges faced during the project was coordinating with other trades and occasionally having to wait for them to complete their respective tasks. However, Oliver’s professionalism and adaptability ensured a smooth collaboration, ultimately leading to a successful outcome. The satisfaction of overcoming these obstacles added to the overall triumph and sense of achievement.

Upon completion, both Oliver and the clients were overjoyed with the final result. The project not only captured the essence of the clients’ vision but also showcased Oliver’s artistic flair and expertise. The feature walls truly stood out, captivating attention and elevating the ambiance of the entire property. The success of this project has instilled a sense of excitement for Oliver, as he looks forward to embarking on similar ventures in the future.



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