Project of the Month March 2024

Under the Big Top: The Circus Room Makeover by Michelle Lucas

In the dynamic landscape of professional decorating, there are projects that stand out not just for their transformational impact, but for the sheer artistry and finesse involved. Such is the case with the Circus Room, a recent endeavor undertaken by Michelle Lucas, the visionary behind Enhance Your Interiors. Named the March Trade Decorator Project of the Month, this showcase of skill and creativity speaks volumes to the discerning eye of professional decorators seeking inspiration and excellence. thanks to the creative vision of one talented decorator.

The task at hand was to transform a standard bedroom into a whimsical circus-themed retreat for Charlotte Robinson’s daughter, Heidi. Drawing upon her extensive experience and artistic flair, Michelle embarked on a journey to bring the circus to life within the confines of four walls. The design concept centered around bold stripes and playful accents, evoking the spirit of the big top while ensuring that it remained functional and practical for everyday use.

Michelle’s meticulous approach began with careful planning and preparation. Using FrogTape and Scotch delicate surface masking tapes and a keen eye for detail, she meticulously mapped out the intricate stripe pattern that would adorn the walls and ceiling of the room. Each line was precisely measured and executed to perfection, ensuring symmetry and balance throughout the space.

With the groundwork laid, Michelle turned her attention to the painting process, employing high-quality products from Valspar and Tikkurila to achieve vibrant colors and crisp lines. The transformation was nothing short of magical as the room came to life with vibrant colours and whimsical patterns.

To add the finishing touch, Michelle adorned the walls with a circus-themed wallpaper, completing the immersive experience and tying the design together seamlessly.

The Circus Room surpassed all expectations and stands as a testament to Michelle’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her ability to elevate décor to an art form. From the vibrant stripes adorning the walls to the whimsical wallpaper that ties the theme together, every detail speaks to her skill and creativity. The client’s delight and satisfaction serve as the ultimate validation of Michelle’s talent and professionalism.

Michelle’s passion for her craft shines through in every aspect of the project, from her meticulous planning to her expert execution. Her dedication to exceeding client expectations and her unwavering commitment to quality, supported by products from Valspar and Tikkurila, have earned her the title of March Trade Decorator Project of the Month winner.

About Michelle Lucas and Enhance Your Interiors

Michelle Lucas, the driving force behind Enhance Your Interiors, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for design to every project she undertakes. With a background rooted in graphic arts and a lifelong immersion in the world of decorating, she possesses a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise that sets her apart in the industry.

For professional decorators seeking inspiration and guidance, Michelle’s work serves as a beacon of excellence and a reminder of the transformative power of design. Her commitment to exceeding client expectations and her dedication to craftsmanship make her a source of inspiration for decorators striving to elevate their own practice.



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