Project of the Month – March 2020

Ice Ice Baby!

Think of Elland Road and you think football! To some it’s the home of football but here is a new kid on the block, which is Planet Ice, home of the Leeds chief’s ice hockey club.

This job started 13 years ago when the land was purchased. Planning took time to approve, then the job was started only to find contaminated land and massive underground tanks which had to be cleared before work could commence.

Fast forward a few years and the power of Facebook, John Kerry of John Kerry Painter & Decorator, received a message from the Managing Director of the ice rink company based in Litchfield. He was an old friend John grew up with playing ice hockey. He had seen John’s work posts on Facebook and asked if he would consider pricing the rink job which was 75 miles from John’s home. John went to view it on the 18th December 2019, ready to wind down for Christmas.

Plans were emailed, measurements were taken, and John did a walk round of the job. It was all block work to be done over the Christmas break, while all other trades were off site 3000m2 to be exact.

The main issue was timing John was looking at the job three days before the Christmas shut down. Getting the paint was proving to be a problem.

John said, “Thank God for Steve & Colin at Paintshack!”

On the way home from the site John discussed products with Steve and the recommended product was Caparol Amphibolin mixed into the chosen colour so that John and his Son Kyran, could spray it on the walls, but also use it on the woodwork. Obviously being a rink, the product needed to work in the conditions of damp & cold temperatures. Paintshack had 52, five litres tubs delivered to site on the 20th December so that John and Kyran could started work on site. On the 3rd January Colin Bidwell drove up personally in his van to deliver another 20, ten litre tubs.  John was blown away by the unbelievable service that helped him to hit the first deadline.

Paintshack also organised for a Wagner SF23 pro Airless Sprayer to be delivered to site for John to trial. John was impressed by the machine and said, “The Wagner is some machine, it’s easy to use, quiet running and no blockages. In one day, I applied 70 litres of paint and not one blockage. Colin even brought his sprayer up to do a bit of work & show me how a Wagner SF23 Pro works with the heated hose kit attached”.

Due to design of the rink timber beams needed to be masked up using safer products SP80 tape & Trimaco brown paper in case of overspray. 72 rolls of tape and 18 rolls of brown paper were required.

Fast forward to 23rd January and 7 days prior to the opening date. The Main issue was that the ice was now being laid. The Temperature in the building dropped to -12 at one point to start the process of freezing the water to make the ice. After a few days it was raised to a toasty -6. Now, most paints need to be 10 degrees to dry, although the drying process was slowed a little the Caparol dried nicely.

John had the help of York based John Gledhill Decorating for the week to help ensure he got this section finished on time.

This included all ceilings being sprayed in the changing rooms, skate hire, party rooms, 1st aid room and toilets etc.

The Large Main wall, which was fire board, had to be painted white with three coats but the rubber matting was now down so they had to put plywood on the floor to move it when needed.

Next what followed was a manic week loads of trades, plus ice rink staff getting ready for the opening ice hockey match on the 31st of January.

By the 24th March, there were a lot less tradesmen in the building, the rink was now open John and Kyran returned to paint three staircases for access to the next section of the seating areas, 60 doorframes and architraves and 515 metres of skirting boards with a 2 inch brush two coats of Amphibolin. They also finished a few walls that they were unable to previously due to access issues.

John is currently awaiting a date to go back to complete the final section of work, which is the three remaining staircases but in present situation with the Coronavirus the rinks have now had to close, so he is unsure when this will be.

John said, “This is the largest job we have ever undertaken, there is another rink being built in Bristol, so fingers crossed we will get that job also. The great thing about the rink being open now, while working there, is I can relive my youth & put my skates on at lunch time. Great times but also great to do a job in an environment that both me & my son have spent most of our lives in as a hobby being involved in British ice hockey for 26 years.


John Kerry Painter & Decorator is now a family firm now with John and his Son Kyran Kerry working side by side in the business.

John is time served to advanced craft City & Guilds. Kyran has spent 3 years at college doing his NVQ L3 in Painting & Decorating.

They specialise in all aspects of decorating. This includes domestic homes & small commercial revamps like pubs, factories, shops etc and hvlp spraying of furniture & kitchens.



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