Project of the Month June 2024

Case Study: Transforming a Former Farmhouse


The remarkable transformation of an old farmhouse has earned Trade Decorator’s Project of the Month for June. This project, led by Ashley Woodcock from A. Woodcock Decorators showcased exceptional craftsmanship, innovative techniques, and a deep commitment to client satisfaction.

The project was all about breathing new life into an old farmhouse filled with dark woodwork and outdated decor. The homeowner wanted a fresh, modern look while keeping the rustic charm. Victoria Louise Interiors came on board to design the makeover and brought Ashley in to handle the painting and decorating.

Project Scope
The centrepiece of the project was the bedroom, It had dark wooden beams and magnolia walls that needed serious updating. The goal was to brighten the room and give it a more The goal was to brighten the room and give it a more contemporary feel without losing its character.

Preparation and Challenges
Ashley began by addressing the poor state of the walls, which had suffered from years of neglect. Extensive sanding was required to prepare the surfaces for painting. It was a tedious job, but crucial for a smooth finish.

To tackle the dark stained skirting boards, door, and frame, Ashley applied Zinsser BIN Aqua, a specialist primer known for its ability to block stains and prevent tannin bleed. This step was vital to make sure the final paint job looked perfect.

Ashley chose Dulux Heritage paint for the walls and ceilings because of its superior finish and historical colour palette. The use of Dulux Heritage Eggshell on the woodwork added a touch of elegance and durability, perfectly complementing the room’s new look.

One of the biggest challenges was lightening the dark wooden beams. Sanding them down took too long and didn’t achieve the desired effect. Then, Victoria showed Ashley a YouTube video about using Frenchic Lazy Range in Crème de la Crème. Despite initial doubts, Ashley found the product’s coverage and adhesion impressive.

Innovative Techniques
To get the right look for the beams, Ashley applied browning wax. Finding the perfect technique to avoid overdoing it was tricky. In the end, using a sponge to gently work the wax into the wood grain gave the best results, enhancing the natural beauty of the beams while lightening them up.

Impact and Recognition
Ashley’s hard work and creative approach made the project a huge success. This transformation not only delighted the client but also caught the eye of Trade Decorator magazine, leading to the June Project of the Month award.

Resilience and Professional Growth
Ashley’s been in the decorating game for over 20 years. But post-COVID, business took a hit, so a reset was in order. By training at the Dulux Academy and Paint Tech, Ashley developed new skills and found a niche in interior decorating and colour consulting. This opened up some amazing opportunities, like working on TV shows “Changing Rooms” and “Big Interior Design Battles,” and even featuring in Lewis Capaldi’s music video “A Cure for Minds Unwell” to support the charity Rebuilding Lives UK.

This project shows how important it is to stay adaptable, keep learning, and focus on what the client wants. Ashley Woodcock’s farmhouse transformation proves that with skill and creativity, you can achieve amazing results. The recognition from Trade Decorator is well-deserved and sets a benchmark for future projects in the industry.



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