Project of the Month January 2024

Ophenia Decorators

Ophenia Decorators Revitalize Welbeck Manor

Nestled in the heart of Devonshire’s enchanting countryside, Welbeck Manor Hotel and Golf Course recently underwent a remarkable transformation, earning it the prestigious title of Trade Decorator’s Project of the Month. Guided by the expertise of Demi Keenan Interiors and the skilled craftsmanship of Ophenia Decorators, this collaborative endeavor brought forth a luxurious rejuvenation, seamlessly blending Victorian charm with contemporary opulence.

Demi Keenan, the creative force behind the interior designs, expressed her delight at the seamless collaboration with Ophenia Decorators, who demonstrated a remarkable commitment, working 100% according to her schedule. Demi’s professionalism and pleasant demeanour created an optimal working environment for Ophenia Decorators to carry out the restoration project.

The spotlight on Trade Decorator’s Project of the Month underscores the significance of Ophenia Decorators’ role in this remarkable transformation, showcasing their mastery in various decorating techniques, including spraying, brushing, rolling, and paper hanging. The preparation phase, regarded as second to none, showcased their dedication to excellence. Notably, Ophenia Decorators used Toupret, ensuring the highest quality throughout the restoration process.

Ophenia Decorators went above and beyond in their commitment to achieving the best possible finish for Welbeck Manor. The collaboration with Demi Keenan Interiors allowed them to showcase their expertise and creativity. This commitment is evident in the end results, where the timeless elegance of Ophenia Decorators’ style shines through, proving that their work never goes out of fashion.

Demi’s design philosophy aimed to give each of the 12 rooms a distinct ambiance. The Bridal Suite, for instance, showcased Farrow & Ball’s ‘Dove Tail,’ creating an elegant and inviting space. The meticulous application of various decorating methods by Ophenia Decorators played a crucial role in bringing Demi’s visions to life. The room now stands as a testament to grandeur and timeless beauty.

The reception room, with its Indian yellow hues and eye-catching checkerboard floor, sets a vibrant tone. The restaurant, overlooking the golf course, featured French grey tones and a grand garden room style. The bar, separated by a stylish archway, features bespoke designs, gold leaf accents, and a statement Farrow & Ball Stone Blue colour, tying together the overall aesthetic seamlessly.

Demi Keenan summarized the project’s essence, saying, “I really tried to put the love back into it, accentuating the Victorian characteristics, combining it with an opulent modern twist, and give the building the recognition it truly deserves.” The collaborative efforts of Demi Keenan Interiors and Ophenia Decorators not only revived Welbeck Manor as a historical gem but also stand as a testament to visionary design and expert craftsmanship.

Ophenia Decorators, a versatile and skilled decorating company, covers all aspects of the decorating trade, catering to both domestic and commercial projects. With a diverse and extensive client base, they have successfully established themselves as a reliable and professional service provider in the industry. Collaborating seamlessly with various trades, Ophenia Decorators ensures a comprehensive approach to projects, emphasizing the importance of a job well done. Their commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail has allowed them to build a stellar reputation as a company dedicated to ensuring that every job is executed to the highest standards. Ophenia Decorators takes pride in their unwavering dedication to professionalism, making them a trusted partner for clients seeking quality and reliability in the realm of interior and exterior decorating.



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