Project of the Month – August 2023

Transforming Orchard Hill into a Fairytale Setting

Orchard Hill, a picturesque property that has graced the landscape since its construction in 1931. With its thatched roof and a garden gently cascading down to the serene River Bure, Orchard Hill is not just a house; it’s a piece of history. Sue, the proud owner of this enchanting abode, and her family have called it home for years. Recently, it became the backdrop for a momentous occasion – Sue’s daughter’s wedding. This case study delves into the transformation of Orchard Hill, showcasing how Sue’s vision and the skilled craftsmanship of professional decorator Kevin Gilroy, turned a house into a home fit for a fairytale wedding.

At the helm of this ambitious renovation project was Kevin Gilroy, the proprietor of Kevin Gilroy Decorating Services. Kevin’s reputation as a visionary craftsman and his ability to bring his client’s dreams to life were well-known in the community. When Sue, the proud owner of Orchard Hill, entrusted Kevin with the task of revitalizing her cherished property, it marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Sue, with her discerning eye for aesthetics, had a precise vision for Orchard Hill’s transformation. Her keen sense of style and choice of colour schemes aligned perfectly with Kevin’s expertise. Together, they selected colours from the renowned Farrow & Ball palette and matched them in Dulux Ultimate Opaque, a decision that underlines Kevin’s commitment to delivering quality and durability. Kevin’s status as a Dulux Select Decorator allowed him to provide Sue with a comforting two-year guarantee on his work.

Working with Sue proved to be an absolute delight for Kevin. Her boundless enthusiasm, unwavering positivity, and clear vision made each day on the job enjoyable. Sue’s vibrant personality had a way of energizing Kevin and created an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie that fuelled the project.

The renovation journey was not without its challenges. Unexpected rot had infiltrated some of the oak sills, complicating the restoration process. One of these sills had undergone a previous repair, which involved the use of hardwood and an abundance of two-part filler. To ensure the structural integrity of Orchard Hill, Kevin decided to utilise the Repair Care system, a choice that exemplified his commitment to excellence.

One of the standout features of Orchard Hill was its thatched garage, previously varnished with both polyurethane and acrylic varnish. Kevin embarked on the meticulous restoration of this charming structure. The process included a thorough sanding, followed by the application of Dulux Super Grip primer and two full coats of Dulux Ultimate Opaque, expertly applied to windows and doors. The transformation of the thatched garage was a testament to Kevin’s attention to detail and dedication.

As the project neared its conclusion, Sue’s happiness was evident to all. The once-timeworn Orchard Hill had been reborn, resplendent in its new colours and renewed structural integrity. Witnessing the contentment of a satisfied customer like Sue was the ultimate validation for Kevin.

Orchard Hill’s transformation, led by the skilled hands and visionary mind of Kevin Gilroy, was more than a renovation; it was a testament to craftsmanship, collaboration, and the power of a shared vision. Kevin’s ability to turn Sue’s dreams into reality breathed new life into this historic property, making it not just a house but a magical backdrop for a daughter’s wedding. It’s a job that will be remembered with fondness and pride, and stands as a testament to a job well done, with Kevin Gilroy at the forefront of its remarkable transformation.


Kevin Gilroy, a seasoned decorator with 25 years of experience, specializes in a variety of home improvement skills, including carpentry, tiling, dry lining, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom installations. However, his primary focus now is on the art of decorating.

Kevin’s true passion lies in restoring and enhancing older structures, with a particular fondness for buildings with substantial history. His next project, a building dating back to 1702, excites him immensely.

He values craftsmanship and the character of heritage buildings, although he acknowledges the necessity of modern projects.

Kevin often collaborates with his son, who shares his dedication to decorating.

After 55 years in London, Kevin relocated to the tranquil landscapes of North Norfolk 18 months ago. Although building a customer base in this new environment has been challenging, Kevin’s determination is paying off, and he’s steadily gaining momentum.

As he embraces this fresh start in Norfolk, Kevin is eager to take on new challenges and looks forward to the future of his decorating services business.



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