Product Showcase: Gyproc EasiFill & EasiFiller


Looking for an ‘Easi’ to use and convenient filler? Then join us for a product demo of Gyproc fillers and giveaway of EasiFill samples!

Gyproc is a leading brand when it comes to fillers and accessories for patching and repairs.

At the virtual TradeDecoratorFestival this February, Gyproc will be showcasing ‘EasiFill’ powder fillers, along with its ‘EasiFiller’ ready mixed range. Whether you prefer to mix your own solution or are looking for a convenient, ready mixed option, Gyproc offers a filler that suits all!

Choose from Gyroc’s powder fillers which are easy to mix, apply and sand whilst coming with low shrinkage and no cracking. Alternatively,  why not go a Gyproc ready mixed filler  for general repairs, surface damage or deep holes and cracks?  

A demo of the fillers will be displayed via a quick video – showing how quick and easy it is to apply and achieve a very neat finish.

The brand also offers accessories including self-adhesive Plasterboard Patches which are great for repairing holes from sockets and switches.

…join us live and find out how to get samples to test yourself!

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