Product Demo: tesa high-quality masking tapes for spray painting


Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Time: 9.00 am

Tesa is launching its latest innovation – High Quality Masking tapes for spraying paint at #TradeDecoratorFestival – Join tesa on 30th September at 9:00am to find out more!

tesa are proud to introduce their range of paint spraying masking tapes!

The importance of masking tapes and proper preparation whilst spray painting can be the difference between a 2 day job and a 3-4 day job. Masking correctly can save you time and your reputation, removing the need to touch up any overspray or paintbleeds that can be more frequent than when painting with a brush or roller. Masking can strongly impact efficiency and the overall quality of finish. Only the use of appropriate masking products that offer reliable quality and using them in the correct way can help to deliver optimal results,

tesa‘s new masking tape range for spray painting has been carefully developed through intense engagement with the professional decorating trade and have proven their outstanding quality each and every day in various applications.

Following the presentation there will be a live Q&A and you can put your questions to Greg Perkins from tesa.

For more information visit

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