Product Demo: Gyproc Easifillers

Join Artex’s technical expert Ted Elliott live on the #TradeDecoratorFestival on Tuesday 1st March 2022 at 1pm for our video demos of Gyproc Easifillers.

Artex is a leading distributor of the UK’s biggest construction brands, including Gyproc. Our Gyproc ready mixed Easifiller range includes three options for different types of internal repair jobs to painted or unpainted walls and plasterboard.

Gyproc Easifiller is our ready mixed multi-purpose filler for general holes and cracks. It’s quick and easy to apply and sands to a smooth, fine finish. This is available in 1L and 2.5L tubs.

Gyproc Easifiller Light is an ultra-lightweight filler for deep holes and cracks. It has low shrinkage with no slumping or cracking. No sanding is required after application. This is available in convenient 1L and 2.5L tubs.

Gyproc Easifiller Finish is our fine filler for skimming over larger areas with light surface damage. It’s quick to apply and requires minimal sanding. Easifiller Finish is available in a 3L tub for those slightly bigger jobs.

Video demos of each of these fillers in action will be provided during the session.

Live Q and A: at the end of the demo, you will have the opportunity to put your Easfiller questions to Ted with a live Q and A.

Exclusive giveaway: For best results when applying Gyproc Easifillers, we recommend using the Gyproc Hammer Head Jointing Knife 150mm from our Gyproc Hand Tools range. 

Every attendee will receive a FREE Gyproc Hammer Head Jointing Knife 150mm 

Don’t miss out – sign up using the button for your seat today we’ll see you on 1st March 2022.

Catch you then!


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