Product Close Up – The Kana Star Brush


Ciret Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of quality painting and decorating products and provide expert solutions to the trade and retail industry. The wide range of products on offer allows both professional painters and decorators and DIY enthusiasts to accomplish their decorating projects efficiently and cost-effectively. Ciret’s in-house product specialists have tested all Kana brushes to the highest standard, looking for optimal performance and finish.

The KANA STAR brush is specially designed for the ultimate performance and finish with both oil and water-based paints and is manufactured in Ciret’s own manufacturing plant.

Unique STAR filaments offer ultimate paint loading and release, for a perfect finish. Tapered filaments ensure that the paint is distributed evenly through the brush leaving no brush marks. The specially designed filaments keep their shape for longer life.

The high-quality plastic ferrule is resistant to rust and will not swell or mis-shape. While being easier to clean and more ergonomic during use, the FSC© Wooden Beavertail handle is designed for added comfort during use.

As an ultimate performance brush, the Kana Star can be used in all paints and varnishes and is available in 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”.

“Game changer! Outstanding brush! Works well in oil and water-based paints as well as varnish and stains. I’ve been using one for about a month and had no problems so far. The handle is extremely comfortable and for a 2” holds the same amount of paint if not more than a 3”. This is my brush of choice.” – (Customer Review)

Further information on the KANA Star brush can be found at or see some of our other products at

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