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The Trade Decorator Forum has been buzzing with activity since the National Painting and Decorating Show. New technology, new suppliers in the industry and new partnerships forming.

The huge buzz around the show was PeelTec, from the creators of CT1. CT1-The UK’s number 1 construction sealant and adhesive, who never sleep when it comes to research and development for products for the building industry and now…. The painting and decorating industry! Officially launched PeelTec…. And what a launch that was.

PeelTec which is 100% Methyl Chloride Free, removes all coatings within minutes. The CT1 stand was one of the busiest at show, as they showcased technology never seen before. This will dramatically change how the industry removes paint and coatings.

The E.U banned methyl chloride a few years ago, and left the industry without an effective replacement. Conventional paint strippers were left ineffective and much more time and effort was needed in stripping paint and coatings away. CT1 who introduced the first Hybrid Polymer, a multipurpose sealant and adhesive that can be used even under water! Seen this gap in the market. And that was that.  PeelTec was introduced.

Painters and Decorators from all over the UK, swarmed around the stand in awe. PeelTec peeled paint away, all descriptions and layers and layers of it! It took minutes to peel paint away, witnessing how this revolutionary product worked, they gleamed on. Realising the HOURS of labour they would save. Also realising it would make money for them. As hours spent on one job in the past meant couldn’t take on another job perhaps the same day. Now they can.

PeelTec also wowed the crowd at two Masterclasses’ over the two days.  Going more in-depth to the attentive crowd on the technology and uses for PeelTec, and also giving some real life case studies and testimonials of painters and decorators, who now cant work without PeelTec. Indeed there have been some instances where some professionals one being Kevin Haughey from Haughey Painting and Decorators, had to initially turn down a job. A job of paint, 20 years of thick oak varnish on intricate banisters and staircase, left Kevin with no option but to turn the job down. Until he found out about Peeltec.

PeelTec have caught the industry’s attention! PeelTec and her sister products CT1 and Multisolve will be available from 2020 in Crown Decorating Centres! “Peel, Clean and Seal”. Peeltec can also be found in some Brewer’s, Travis Perkins and independent stores nationwide. 

Clean with Multisolve, the all round multipurpose cleaner, Peel with PeelTec and Seal with CT1.

#PeelitDontBurnit see demos and info on 


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