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Products used

Polyvine spoke to Steve Clack from Clacked It Woodworking about a recent Scandinavian style planter bench he was working on, and was pleased to hear how the Polyvine Exterior Wood range assisted him in creating the perfect piece for his customer.

Finished in Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish Satin

Objective for Project

Being an exterior piece of furniture that would be exposed to daily use I needed to protect this project from both the elements and general wear. By gradually building up the layers using Polyvine’s Exterior Wood Protection range I could achieve this brief.

Products Used

  • Polyvine Exterior Wood Stain in Oak
  • Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish in Satin
  • Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish in Dead Flat

The Process

The initial step I took towards protecting the bench was to treat it with Polyvine Exterior Oak Wood Stain. I applied 2 coats to achieve both the protection and aesthetics I required for the project. Secondly, I treated the bench with 2 coats of Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish in Satin. Finally, to add further protection and to reduce the sheen achieved from the satin varnish I applied 1 coat of Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish in Dead Flat.

Completed bench

First coat of Polyvine wood stain versus second coat

Using Polyvine

I’ve experimented with many different brands of wood protection on my projects, but the Polyvine range is far superior. Application of the stain was smooth and simple allowing me to work the product into the grain and still achieve an even, unblemished finish. Applying the protective varnishes was even simpler! The consistency of the varnish allows the brush to glide across the surface, like a quality varnish should…and the added bonus of being quick drying speeds up the completion of the project. Some varnishes leave a sticky, tacky residue…this is not the case with the Polyvine products. The quality of the products can enable even an amateur to achieve a professional finish.

For more information on the Polyvine exterior wood range, and to find your local stockist, please visit www.polyvine.com

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