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At Pioneer, we believe that a craftsman demands and deserves the best, and for the professional decorator, the right paint brush is of utmost importance. 

Pioneer Brush is not just another brush company, we are innovators! We have developed our own in-house synthetic filaments and meticulously blend these to match various paint types and surfaces. Whether it’s for interior or exterior, wood or brick, Pioneer paint brushes boast customized blends for optimal paint pick-up and a flawless finish.

Precision is one of Pioneer’s key priorities and our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our products, which is why Pioneer paint brushes are constructed with;

Multiple layer filament for controlled paint flow

Processed with flagged filament tips for a smooth release and finish. Solid filaments for bend recovery, and x-cross taper filaments for excellent paint pick up. 

Annular nails for a double lock

Pioneer’s paint brushes are designed to last. With multiple anchors and the use of the latest epoxy resins, our paint brushes are built to last without breaking. 

Brush head steamed to shape

The steaming process shapes the brush head, providing a permanent taper that ensures precision throughout the brush’s lifetime.

FSC Hardwood Handles

The hardwood timber handles, sourced from sustainable forests under the FSC Chain of Custody system, are kiln-dried and stabilized to prevent cracking in humid conditions.

Pioneer brush offers a variety of decorating tools and accessories; including assorted paint brushes and rollers, an eco-friendly range, assorted roller frames, scrapers, filling knives, and more. 

The Pioneer Brush Company was established in 2009 with roots dating back to 1936. As a manufacturer and supplier of professional-grade decorating products, Pioneer takes pride in producing over 18 million paint brushes annually and exporting to 20+ countries worldwide. 

Visit to learn more or send an email to for enquiries.

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