A Hamilton Perfection paint brush is usually a staple in most professionals’ toolboxes – but let’s not forget the much-loved ringed dusting brush and paper hanging brush.  Well-loved brushes that stand the test of time and often pass down from teacher to student…..

Why the rings?

Quite simply – a traditional manufacturing method that ensures both strength and rigidity.  Let’s be honest, they look great too!

The Perfection Paper Hanging Brush is set into 9 rings – a beautifully crafted, comfortable Beechwood handle with finger groove for easier grip.  The specially designed filament mix combines both strength and softness.

“Exactly what you need for smoothing wall coverings perfectly”, says Sarah Coussens, Head of Marketing for Hamilton.

Dusting off

“For those hardcore Hamilton lovers we also have our much-loved Dusting Brush”, Sarah continues.  “This brush sits in the toolbag for quite some time – we’ve been tagged in photographs of these brushes that have been used for years…an evolution of dusting brush through the ages!”

This brush is set into 3 rings, again providing both strength and durability for dusting off debris and dust prior to redecoration.

Pick one up where you usually buy your Hamilton tools.

For more info on Hamilton’s range visit their website or follow them on social media – check out their new TikTok channel @hamiltondecoratingtools

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