PeelTec removes all paint fast and it is also the best Graffiti remover on the market.


PeelTec will now dominate the National Painting and Decorating Show. 

PeelTec which has swept the painting and decorating industry with a massive paint free brush, will be dominating The National Painting and Decorating Show the 26th and 27th November at Stand 75A.

This revolutionary product is the latest technology in paint removal. What’s even more astounding is the fact that it’s 100% Methyl Chloride Free! Since the EU banned this substance, it has left the industry without an effective replacement. Hello PeelTec and thank you CT1 for bringing this outstanding product to the industry.  

CT1, The Snag List Eliminator, is now the Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive on the market. The Painting Industry also lap up and love CT1’s versatility from bonding to sealing, and it is a favourite to use over settlement cracks! Easy to spread, sealing and bonding at the same time, CT1 leads the way in research and development for the building industry and now the painting and decorating industry. This product is also extremely user friendly and will not damage the base material or your skin.

PeelTec have already shared some fantastic case studies on removing paint and years of varnish from all materials, which has saved hours of labour and physical work for our industry.

Another extremely popular application the industry is loving it for, is the very difficult task of removing Graffiti. Removing Graffiti is a painstaking task, involving power washing, machines and blasting the Graffiti off the surface. Now you simply spray PeelTec on and the Graffiti disappears! This will also be shown and showcased at The National Painting and Decorating Show.

Many case studies have been circulated as mentioned on this revolutionary new product, and the most recent one has been from Kevin Haughey Painting & Decorating. A complex job of an intrinsic staircase with large bannisters, handrail and detail, seeped in 20 year old varnish. Not just one layer, but layer after layer, topped up year after year in a colour displeasing to the new homeowners. As a professional and in his opinion, he would not and could not complete the job. The new owners wanted a warm walnut colour and not the oak they clearly disliked. A job that would take weeks, much man power and probably a poor outcome, Kevin was refusing the job. Until … he was introduced to PeelTec!!! Kevin could not believe his eyes, layers of paint and varnish peeled away in minuets!

Kevin also said, “What made it so user friendly was the handy nozzle, delivering the right amount of product onto any surface.” Kevin has said that PeelTec is now an invaluable part of his tools for the trade and every painter should have one!

Come and see this for yourself at The National Painting and Decorating Show! Stand 75A. 


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