PeelTec from the creators of CT1


CT1 now commonly known as The UK’s NO1 sealant and adhesive has changed the  way in which trades people seal and bond, and their expectations of sealants . Instead of using several products they now only use CT1. Versatile and eco-friendly it’s the product that does what it says. Interestingly enough many are using CT1 as a filler, its ideal for settlement cracks and can be painted over. It’s the ultimate solution for settlement cracks.

Always leading the way in research and development, introducing the latest technology to the building industry, the creators of CT1 listened intently to the market and realised something was missing and badly needed.

A demographic that was now using CT1 as a filler and Multisolve to clean and remove old sealants, silicones and adhesives from their work, seemed to be now missing an effective paint remover.

The E.U had banned Methyl Chloride, which left the industry without an effective replacement and conventional paint strippers were now really ineffective. The creators of CT1 realised that they needed to step up, they invested more into research and development to reach out further into this demographic, of the Painting and Decorating industry. After years of research and testing they launched the incredible Peeltec! The latest technology in Painting removal!… and it has made serious waves in the market.

PeelTec, which is 100% Methyl Chloride free, removes paint within minutes. It simply peels the paint away. This is also incredibly versatile, this handy can will remove paint from practically any surface without damaging the base material or the user. No more itchy hands or damaged wood work or surface area damage.

With great coverage it saves hours of labour and effort. PeelTec will remove layers of paint and is fantastic for awkward areas like bannisters, old varnish or intricate iron work.

Already Peeltec has been used not only in the painting and decorating industry, but marine, automotive, building, DIY and agriculture.

See following case study’s and video to see the versatility of PeelTec: 


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